Rohit Kumar

Research Associate

Rohit Kumar works as a Research Associate (Infra, Migration, and Security Team) at CloudThat. He is focused on gaining knowledge of the Cloud environment. He has a keen interest in learning and researching emerging technologies.

Rohit Kumar Blogs

Total Posts : 7

AWS, Cloud Computing

Deploying Java Web Application on Amazon EC2 server using a WAR File

By Rohit Kumar

Jun 10, 2024

AWS, AWS Migration, AWS S3, Google Cloud (GCP)

A Guide to Migrate GCP Cloud Storage to Amazon S3

By Rohit Kumar

Mar 20, 2024

AWS, Cloud Computing

A Guide to Integrate Amazon CodeWhisperer with Amazon SageMaker Studio

By Rohit Kumar

Mar 11, 2024

AWS, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics

Exporting AWS Security Hub Findings using Python script

By Rohit Kumar

Feb 1, 2024

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