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Log Streaming on AWS

Data is the most superior aspect in this existing world. Configuring and managing data is the basic requirement in every aspect of life. Data is the facts and statistics collected during every operations of business, They can be used to measure or record business activities may be internal or external. Here we are streaming logs to S3 bucket so that there won’t be any data loss.

Kinesis Firehose:

Kinesis firehose captures data from web applications, sensors, mobile applications, and various different sources and streams into Amazon S3 or Redshift. Kinesis Firehose takes care of monitoring, scaling and management of data.
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Fluentd is a unified open source data collector which unify data collection and consumption for data use and understanding data.


td-agent is the stable lightweight server agent distribution of fluentd which resides on data generating is a data collection daemon. It collects data from various data sources and uploads them to treasure datastore.
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Here, we are going to stream Nginx logs to S3 using td-agent (logging tool) through Kinesis Firehose which is a managed service for streaming data to S3 or Red Shift.


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Role “fluentd” is as follows:


Tasks to stream logs to S3 bucket.

  1. Create Kinesis Firehose Delivery Stream
  2. Install Fluentd and Plugin
  3. Configure the agent file
  4. Start Service
  5. Check the Operation

Task 1: Creating Kinesis Firehose Delivery stream

Initially, create Kinesis Firehose Delivery stream using AWS Management console For more information, go through

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Step 1: Select the Destination where you want to stream the logs

After creating Kinesis Firehose delivery stream, select the destination where to send the streamed data. The destination might be either S3 bucket or Redshift.


Step 2: Configuring Firehose

Here we are going to configure buffer size, buffer interval and compression options for a stream

Enter the Buffer size as 5 and Buffer interval as 300

Kinesis Firehose buffers data up to 5 MB or 300 seconds whichever condition is satisfied first. 133

Step 3: Select IAM role “firehose_delivery_role”

Firehose needs access to your S3 bucket, you are required to have an IAM role to access bucket. Firehose assumes that IAM role and gain access to the bucket.



Task 2: Install Fluentd

Fluentd is available as a Ruby gem (gem install fluentd). Also, Treasure Data packages it with all the dependencies as td-agent.

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Here, we proceed with td-agent.

Install td-agent using the following command


Install Plugin “fluent-plugin-kinesis-firehose” using the following command

It is a Fluentd output plugin for Kinesis Firehose. It will push the logs out of kinesis firehose to destination



Task 3: Configuring td-agent.conf file 

Configuration file is located in “/etc/td-agent/td-agent.conf”.

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Copy and paste the following contents into the file and provide your access key and secret key.



Task 4: Start service td-agent

We now have to start the agent service.
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Start service using the following command:

Use the below commands to create logs This command is used for simple load testing. It will create 1000 requests with 10 requests running concurrently.



Task 5: Operation Check

Make sure that the logs are getting streamed to S3 bucket.

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NOTE: It might take 10 minutes for data to appear in your bucket due to buffering. Make sure that role should be attached to an instance, so that Fluentd had access to write data into bucket.

We have configured td-agent.conf file to collect access logs from Nginx server from the path /var/log/nginx/access.log and send logs to Kinesis Firehose, which in turn stream logs to S3 bucket which can be used for other purposes.




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