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New Service Alert: Windows Azure ExpressRoute

Currently in public preview & available only in the US, Windows Azure ExpressRoute is a service that provides a dedicated fast private connection between your on-premise datacenter and Azure datacenter.


Since connections do not go over public internet, you get a connection that is



How To:

There are two ways one can establish an ExpressRoute connection with Azure.

AT&T and Equinix are the two partners providing ExpressRoute service.

Use Cases:

  1. Achieve a natural extension feel to your datacenter due to low latencies and better throughputs
  2. Move large volumes of data like VMs, datasets & old data to Azure quickly
  3. Greater high availability & disaster recovery times
  4. Applications spread across on-premise & cloud that require secure connections & high performance


Read more FAQs about the service @


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  1. SR

    Apr 24, 2014


    You have to love who comes up with these names , expressroute , directconnect
    be the judge which makes sense

  2. Subojit Roy

    Apr 23, 2014


    This looks like something similar to AWS Direct Connect!!

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