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Identity Management and Virtual Desktops with AWS Managed Microsoft AD and Amazon WorkSpaces


Discover seamless identity management and virtual desktop solutions with AWS Managed Microsoft AD and Amazon WorkSpaces. In this guide, we will walk you through configuring these powerful AWS services. Streamline your organization’s security, scalability, and management efficiency effortlessly.


In the current era dominated by cloud computing, effective managing user identities and providing adaptable virtual desktop solutions are crucial for organizational productivity. AWS Managed Microsoft AD presents a holistic Active Directory solution seamlessly incorporated into the AWS Cloud environment, streamlining user administration and resource accessibility. Amazon WorkSpaces delivers a fully managed desktop computing experience, allowing users to remotely access their desktops and applications from any location and device. This guide will systematically detail the configuration procedures for both services, enabling organizations to establish a resilient infrastructure conducive to efficient identity management and virtual desktop deployment, all while ensuring originality and authenticity in content composition.

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Steps to Create AWS Managed Microsoft AD

  1. Set Up Directory: Click on “Set Up Directory” on the main console page.
  2. Select Directory Type: Choose “AWS Managed Microsoft AD” and click “Next”.


Directory Details:

  • Edition Selection: Select “Standard Edition” or “Enterprise Edition” depending on your needs. Standard Edition offers basic AD features, while Enterprise Edition provides additional functionalities like site-to-site VPN connectivity and multi-site deployments. Click “Next”
  • Directory Name:Enter a descriptive name for your directory (e.g.,
  • Password: Choose a strong password for the Directory Administrator account.
  • Subnet:Select a subnet within your Amazon VPC where the domain controllers will be deployed. Ensure the subnet allows the necessary network traffic for AD operations.
  • VPC ID:The Amazon VPC ID will be automatically populated based on your selection.
  • Security Group:Choose or create a security group that allows appropriate inbound and outbound traffic for AD communication.
  • DNS Options:Choose whether to enable DNS hosting for your directory or integrate with an existing DNS server.



Review and Create: Review all your selections carefully and click “Create Directory” to start the provisioning process.


Steps to Create Amazon WorkSpaces

  1. Choose WorkGroups from the left-hand navigation pane.
  2. Click on Create WorkGroup.
  3. Select the associated directory. (d-9067794462)


4. Create users and Identify the users



5. If applicable, specify the default organizational unit (OU) for Amazon WorkSpaces launched in this workgroup.

6. Configure policies for the workgroup, including root volume encryption and user volume encryption.


7. Choose Default Amazon WorkSpace Settings:

  • Define default settings for Amazon WorkSpaces in the workgroup, such as compute type, bundle type, and running mode (always-on or auto-stop).


8. Review and Create:

  • Review the configuration settings to ensure they are correct.
  • Click on the “Create WorkGroup” button to create the workgroup.


Install the Amazon WorkSpace client using this link:- Amazon WorkSpaces Client Download

And login with the created user




Implementing AWS Managed Microsoft AD and Amazon WorkSpaces offers organizations a robust solution for managing user identities and virtual desktop infrastructure. Following the step-by-step configuration process outlined in this guide, businesses can streamline their operations, enhance security, and improve overall efficiency.

With AWS’s powerful tools and scalable architecture, organizations can confidently embrace the benefits of cloud-based identity management and virtual desktop solutions to meet their evolving business needs.

Drop a query if you have any questions regarding AWS Managed Microsoft AD or Amazon WorkSpaces and we will get back to you quickly.

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1. Can I customize AWS Managed Microsoft AD and Amazon WorkSpaces configurations and settings to suit my organization's needs?

ANS: – Yes, both AWS Managed Microsoft AD and Amazon WorkSpaces offer various configuration options and settings that you can customize to meet your organization’s specific requirements. You can tailor the services from directory settings to WorkSpaces configurations to fit your needs.

2. Can I integrate AWS Managed Microsoft AD with existing on-premises Active Directory environments?

ANS: – Yes, AWS Managed Microsoft AD supports two-way trust relationships with on-premises Active Directory environments, allowing seamless integration and enabling users to access resources across both environments.

3. What are the networking and security considerations for AWS Managed Microsoft AD and WorkSpaces?

ANS: – It’s essential to ensure proper integration within the Amazon VPC, configure network connectivity, and set security groups for communication between resources. Following AWS security best practices, implementing AWS IAM policies, and utilizing security groups and network ACLs are crucial for ensuring a secure environment.

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