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AWS re: Invent 2023 Keynote Session Day 4

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In the previous sessions, we have seen the advancements in data, infrastructure, AI, and machine learning technologies facilitate swift goal achievement for AWS customers. The session concludes by emphasizing how these innovations simplify processes, unlock new possibilities, and contribute to a better future. The keynote goes beyond updating on cloud technology, inspiring users to leverage advanced tools for success and creativity in the digital age, accompanied by exciting key releases.

Day 3 at AWS re:Invent 2023 brought excitement, featuring enlightening sessions and impressive releases. The anticipation continues to build for many new features and services expected to be unveiled, adding to the momentum and innovation witnessed throughout the event.

Let us check what happened on Day 4 at AWS regarding Invent 2023 for many more new features and services.

Introduction to the session

Dr. Werner Vogels, Vice President and CTO of, shares how technology has revolutionized businesses, delving into the latest trends and breakthroughs in cloud computing. He shares insights on the transformative impact of technology, discusses recent innovations within Amazon Web Services (AWS), and offers a distinctive perspective on emerging technologies and their potential to reshape our world.


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New Releases!!!

  1. AWS Management Console myApplications – myApplications supports application operations, a new set of capabilities that help you get started with your applications on AWS, operate them with less effort, and move faster at scale. With myApplication in the AWS Management Console, you can more easily manage and monitor your AWS applications’ cost, health, security posture, and performance.
  2. Amazon CloudWatch Application Signals – Amazon CloudWatch Application Signals helps you automatically instrument applications based on best practices for application performance. There is no manual effort, custom code, or custom dashboards. You get a pre-built, standardized dashboard showing the most critical metrics, such as volume of requests, availability, latency, and more, for the performance of your applications.
  3. Amazon Inspector CI/CD Container Scanning – Amazon Inspector is an automated vulnerability management service that continually scans Amazon Web Services (AWS) workloads for software vulnerabilities and unintended network exposure. Amazon Inspector supports vulnerability reporting for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and container images stored in Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) and CI/CD.

Customer Speakers

Cat Swetel, Senior Director of Engineering, Nubank – Cat Swetel oversees the team managing transactional infrastructure, from CI/CD to runtime environments and the mobile application platform. Passionate about leveraging digital transformation for generative and equitable institutions, she holds a bachelor’s degree in global business financial management and a master’s in science and technology policy from Arizona State University.

Dr. Rebecca Portnoff, Head of Data Science, Thorn – Rebecca is dedicated to building tools for identifying and aiding child victims of sexual abuse. As the strategist for data science at Thorn, she collaborates across functions to develop and deploy machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI) algorithms, accelerating victim identification, preventing abuse, and stopping revictimization. Thorn’s engagement with AI/ML focuses on emerging threats and technologies. With a B.S.E. in computer science and a minor in vocal jazz from Princeton University, she holds a Ph.D. in computer science from UC Berkeley.


Dr. Werner Vogels revisited the ‘Frugal Architect’ concept introduced in 2012, highlighting its enduring relevance in an era of increased cost-consciousness. Vogels emphasized the importance of designing, measuring, and optimizing AWS infrastructure, focusing on cost-effectiveness. He explored the intricate relationship between costs and architectural elements, using examples from AWS’s development of services like Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB to illustrate how cost considerations align with broader goals such as sustainability.

Vogels also discussed the integration of business and technology decisions within AWS’s architectural framework, using the evolution of AWS Lambda as a case in point. Additionally, he shared a personal anecdote about energy conservation to underscore the significance of observability, emphasizing the impact of easy access to data on resource usage in enhancing efficiency and influencing behavior.

By exploring the latest trends and breakthroughs in cloud computing, he sheds light on the dynamic landscape of technological innovation. His insights into the transformative impact of technology, particularly within Amazon Web Services (AWS), offer an understanding of the evolving digital realm. Moreover, his distinctive perspective on emerging technologies underscores their potential to reshape our world, emphasizing technological advancements’ ongoing and future significance in shaping the global business landscape.

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