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Top 25 Microsoft Power Apps Consultant Interview Questions and Answers

Technical Business Analysts and programmers skilled in Data Modelling, create and enforce business processes, and solve business problems using Microsoft Power Platform App Maker. IT professionals attempting to build a career as a Power Apps Consultant should have basic data modelling, user experience design, requirement, and process analysis understanding. As a Power Apps Consultant, you can impress your clients with model-driven charts, dashboards, user-friendly GUI. If you want to impress your interviewer by answering some complicated, situation-based questions, then thorough preparation is paramount to achieve that.

This article is designed to challenge your Microsoft Power Apps understanding and sharpen your skills.

Here are the top 25 Interview Questions and Answers for the role of Microsoft Power Apps Consultant.

Q1. Why is the Patch function used in canvas apps?

A: Patch function is used to add or modify records in a data source.

Q2. What is the difference between IsMatch, Match and MatchAll functions in PowerApps?

A: The IsMatch function is used to test if a string matches a pattern, generally with a regular expression, returns True or False. The Match function returns the first record that matches a pattern. The MatchAll function returns a table for every match found.

Q3. You are building a canvas app. With the changes suggested by the client, the app screens keep on increasing. How can you re-use the configurations that you have used within a canvas app?

A: Use a test screen. Add all the types of controls that you are using in the app. Configure the properties as per requirement and re-use them in the other screens in the app.

Q4. What could be the most convenient way of using a PowerApps app inside office premises?

A: Adding the app to Teams can help increase accessibility.

Q5. As a consultant, when can you choose Model-driven apps over Canvas apps?

A: When the data can be handled with Dataverse defined tables, model-driven apps can be an easier option to implement a solution.

Q6. In a collaborative environment, how can you ensure the versioning of a canvas app when there are regular updates rolled out?

A: While saving the app, a version-specific note or comment can be left. Also, we can use a label on the Home screen of the app representing a version number that can be maintained manually by the app maker.

Q7. Can you share a canvas app with external business partners and contractors?

A: Yes, we can. Using Azure AD B2B external collaboration for the tenant, guest users can be invited to use the app.

Q8. Which are the types of variables that are used in PowerApps?

A: Global variables and Context variables

Q9. What is the purpose of using the SaveData() function?

A: SaveData() is used to store a collection under any alias name that can be used later in the app.

Q10. Can you add responsiveness to the canvas apps?

A: Yes, you can make use of the height and width properties of app screens to achieve this. You can also make use of container controls.

Q11. Does the use of more and more connections in an app degrade the performance?

A: Yes, we can say that. For eg: If we want to capture the details of an employee using an Office 365 connection, it can be a better choice to use a collection and store the details rather than using the connection every time when a piece of info is needed.

Q12. What is the concept of delegation in PowerApps?

A: Delegation is a principle that suggests that most of the processing of data should be delegated to the data source rather than processing it locally on the app.

Q13. When can you say that the Search() function may not be a good choice when you’re working with Sharepoint data?

A: When the number of records in the data source is more than 500, it is recommended not to use the Search function.

Q14. Is there any specific situation when you can choose a model-driven app over a canvas app?

A: Although both can sometimes serve the same requirement, a model-driven app can be an easier choice to make if the data source is supposed to be Dataverse and no custom UI is required.

Q15. How can you distribute a canvas app with all the employees in an organization?

A: You can use the option share with “Everyone”.

Q16. What are DLP Policies used for?

A: We can create DLP policies that can act as guardrails to help prevent unintentionally exposing organizational data. You need to be a tenant admin or have the Environment Admin role.

Q17. How can you call a flow from another flow in Power Automate?

A: You can call another Flow within a Flow by making use of the HTTP request action in the first Flow and When an HTTP request is received as a trigger of the second Flow.

Q18. Suppose you have a custom website. How can you access data from this custom website and use the same in the PowerApps canvas app?

A: We can make use of a custom connector to fulfil this requirement.

Q19. You are given a task to include the sentiment analysis feature in your app. How can you do this?

A: We can make use of AI models created using AI Builder. Note that the AI builder service is not available in all the locations. Thus, be careful when you choose the environment you want to work in, the AI Builder support is available.

Q20. Explain about Security Roles.

A: Security Roles in Power Platform are used to define authorization levels for specific users or teams. For every security role, you must configure the privileges and access levels.

Q21. When can you opt for implementing a PowerApps Portal?

A: Generally, a canvas app is something that is shared with an organization. With Portals, you can now build a powerful new type of experience. You can make external-facing websites that allow users.

Q22. If you have a Plugin and a workflow present on a new form, for eg, New Contacts or New Opportunites, will be executed first?

A: Plugins will be executed before the Workflow.

Q23. If you have a Javascript code and a Business Rule present on a new form, for eg, New Contacts or New Opportunites, will be executed first?

A: Javascript will be executed before Business Rules.

Q24. While working with Power BI you have created 4 charts and 2 dashboards. How can you ensure that the same can be shared with your colleagues?

A: We must use the Power BI Service to do this.

Q25. What are the different license options available when it comes to the Storage aspects of the Microsoft Power Platform?

A: We have 3 types of licenses that provide storage capacity. – Dataverse for Apps Database capacity, Dataverse for Apps File capacity, Dataverse for Apps Log capacity.

These are some of the frequently asked questions during an interview for the Power Apps Consultant role. If you have just started your journey in Microsoft Power Platform, here is a course reserved for understanding the basics: Study Guide for Microsoft Power Platform PL-900 Certification Exam to expedite your Microsoft power platform career path.

In any case, you will need to tap into an exhaustive question bank to practise more before the scheduled interview. Review through CloudThat’s TestPrep for thorough preparation.

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Feel free to drop any questions in the comment box, I would love to address them and support your career growth. I hope you enjoyed the article. Best of luck!

Stay tuned for more interview questions on Microsoft Power Automate.




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