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A Complete Study Guide for DP-203: Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate Exam

In this dynamic and everyday changing world of economic operations, organizations are depending on the ways to assess their internal business operations and clients to be aware of new chances for advancement and growth. This type of insight comes with a big set of data which is produced then managed, analyzed, and even manipulated by experts.

So, if you had chosen yourself to be in Azure’s Data vertical or simply put yourself in the data sector, this Microsoft certificate is a point of great benefit to you.

This blog aims at providing you with preparation guidance and much more for not only passing the exam but covering different aspects for data engineers, adding value, upskilling, exam tips, and training material for the exam.

The DP 203 Certification is the next level after the DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals. With this blog, I’m trying to cover everything you should know before applying for DP-203 certification.


DP-203 is an advanced certification from Microsoft Azure for Data Engineer. After earning the DP-203 certification, candidates gain credibility and validation of Azure Data Engineer skills like as design, implementation, processing, monitoring, data storage optimization, and data security. 

With Azure Data Engineers, you can ensure that data pipelines and data stores are optimized for performance and reliability based on your business requirements and constraints. You will be able to design, implement and monitor data platforms to meet data pipeline needs. So, once you make good understanding with the content and master this certification, it is easy for you to be a successful Azure Data Engineer.

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Who is an Azure Data Engineer?

Azure Data Engineers are responsible for clearly separating and distinguishing raw data into structured data. They integrate, transform and consolidate data from unstructured data to structured data. And this structured data is used to create analytical solutions. 

In addition, they help the stakeholders to clearly develop an understanding with the information through the research. They effectively construct and design specific pipeline processing instructions using specific tools and strategies. They use Azure data offerings and languages ​​to create better data for evaluation. 

The following are the responsibilities of an Azure Data Engineer: 

  •  Development and design of solutions for processing and storing data for businesses. 
  •  Install, configure, and manage cloud data services such as databases, blob services, and analytics. 
  •  Securing the stored data and the platform so that only necessary users have access to the data. 
  •  Monitoring systems to ensure they are working properly and are cost effective.

Why to Learn DP-203?

Data engineers understand and connect raw data to structured data within an organization. They achieve this by doing:

  • Access, collect, audit, and clean data from systems and transform it into business-usable data.
  • Database maintenance
  • Pipeline construction
  • Monitor and manage data systems
  • Creating data scientist outputs in a scalable way.

So, they are the front lines of data strategy, the first people to tackle the unstructured data and convert it into structured one. They are people on whose shoulders data analysts and data scientists stand.

For this reason, there is a huge demand for Data engineers in the IT sector, as they daily produce raw data.

As for some resources, the average salary for a Data Engineer is $116,591. It is also known that they make 261% more than the national average salary.

This Certification is for…?

  • Who is interested in Data Engineering.
  • For the professionals of Data architects, Data Administration and Business Intelligence.
  • Candidates who know SQL, Python, Scala, or other data processing languages.
  • Candidates who are good at parallel processing and data architecture patterns.
  • Data Engineers who can transform and consolidate unstructured data into structured data.


  • There is a huge demand for Data Engineers. In addition, Microsoft certification is globally recognized.
  • After being DP-203 certified, 26% reported job promotions and 35% of technical professionals reported that certification led to salary or wage increments.
  • DP-203 certification leads to rampant gain in jobs and earnings.
  • The CV with Microsoft certification advances your job profile and increases the chances of getting chosen.

Exam Details

Register for Azure DP 203 Exam:

You can register for the Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Exam (DP-203) by going to the Official Microsoft Page.

Pre-requisites for DP-203 Certification

For this exam, candidates must have a decent knowledge of Data Processing Languages such as:

  • SQL
  • Python
  • Scala

Skills Measured and Study Guide

Study resources Links to learning and documentation
Self-Study Self-paced learning paths and modules
Extra Documentation Azure Data Lake Storage
Azure Synapse Analytics
Azure Databricks
 Data Factory
Azure Stream Analytics
Event Hubs
Azure Monitor



The certification is for those candidates who want to demonstrate expertise in designing and implementing data solutions with the use of Microsoft Azure data services. Through this certification, you will learn to integrate, transform and consolidate unstructured data into structured data, that are suitable for building analytical solutions for the company. Make sure to understand the concept behind the answers and eventually you will be able to use this knowledge to pass every practice and actual DP-203 certification test. 

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I hope this article is helpful to you and wish you good luck! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in below comment section. 

WRITTEN BY Gurjot Brar

Gurjot Brar serves as the Vertical Head of Cloud Security at CloudThat, a prominent company specializing in cloud training and consulting services. Additionally, she holds the esteemed title of Microsoft Certified Trainer and boasts a remarkable nine Azure certifications. She is a proficient corporate trainer who frequently contributes insights on cloud computing, cybersecurity, AI/ML, Big Data, and technology trends through her blog posts.



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