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Leveraging the Power of AWS EKS Service Delivery Partnership


CloudThat is proud to announce its recent achievement of AWS EKS Service Delivery Partnership, a recognition that highlights our expertise and successful customer delivery in utilizing Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). This partnership validates our deep understanding of deploying and managing containerized workloads on AWS and our commitment to providing efficient and scalable solutions to our clients. With this achievement, CloudThat can now offer enhanced services and support in leveraging the power of Amazon EKS, helping organizations streamline their containerized applications, optimize their Kubernetes deployments, and achieve faster time-to-value in their cloud journey. Our team of certified professionals has the knowledge and experience to design, deploy, and optimize EKS clusters, ensuring our clients can fully capitalize on the benefits of containerization with AWS.

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Overview of AWS EKS Service Delivery:

Organizations constantly seek efficient and scalable solutions to manage their containerized applications in the rapidly evolving world of cloud computing. AWS offers a robust managed Kubernetes service called Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). This blog explores the significance of the AWS EKS Service Delivery Partnership, its advantages, and how it enables businesses to streamline their containerized workloads.

Amazon EKS is a fully managed Kubernetes service provided by AWS, enabling users to run containerized applications without the hassle of managing the underlying infrastructure. AWS EKS simplifies containerized applications’ deployment, scaling, and management while ensuring high availability and security. It seamlessly integrates with other AWS services, providing a comprehensive solution for running Kubernetes workloads.

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Advantages of EKS Partnership with AWS:

  • Verified Expertise: Achieving AWS EKS Service Delivery Partnership is a testament to a partner’s expertise and successful customer delivery in utilizing Amazon EKS. It demonstrates their in-depth understanding of deploying and managing containerized workloads on AWS.
  • Streamlined Customer Experience: AWS EKS Service Delivery Partners have undergone a rigorous validation process, ensuring their ability to deliver reliable and scalable solutions to customers. This partnership enables businesses to leverage the expertise of certified professionals, leading to a smoother adoption and operation of EKS within their infrastructure.
  • Access to Best Practices: Partnering with AWS EKS Service Delivery providers grants access to industry best practices and AWS recommendations for architecture, security, and scalability. This knowledge helps organizations optimize their Kubernetes deployments and maximize the benefits of using Amazon EKS.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: AWS EKS Service Delivery Partners are well-versed in implementing robust security measures and compliance standards within EKS environments. They help organizations navigate complex security requirements and ensure the protection of sensitive data and workloads.
  • Faster Time-to-Value: With the assistance of AWS EKS Service Delivery Partners, businesses can accelerate their Kubernetes adoption journey. These partners possess the necessary skills and experience to efficiently design, deploy, and optimize EKS clusters, enabling organizations to rapidly realize containerization’s benefits.


In a cloud landscape driven by the need for agility, scalability, and efficiency, AWS EKS Service Delivery Partnership emerges as a key differentiator for businesses seeking to leverage containerization technologies effectively. This partnership provides organizations with access to verified expertise, best practices, and a streamlined customer experience, resulting in accelerated time-to-value and improved operational efficiency.

By collaborating with an AWS EKS Service Delivery Partner, organizations can harness the power of Amazon EKS, leveraging its benefits while mitigating the complexities of managing Kubernetes infrastructure. As containerization continues to gain traction, this partnership is a strategic step towards achieving scalable and resilient application deployments in the cloud.

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About CloudThat

Discover the power of CloudThat’s comprehensive EKS offerings and unlock the full potential of your containerized applications on AWS. As a trusted AWS EKS Service Delivery Partner, we bring you a suite of tailored solutions designed to revolutionize your Kubernetes deployments. Our expertise in architecting and managing EKS clusters empowers your organization to scale and orchestrate containerized workloads, ensuring seamless application delivery and enhanced operational efficiency. Our skilled professionals will guide you through the entire process, from initial design and deployment to ongoing optimization and support. Experience the agility, scalability, and security of Amazon EKS with CloudThat’s unrivalled solutions, and embark on a transformative cloud journey that drives innovation and accelerates business growth. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the true potential of your containerized applications—contact CloudThat today and embark on a path to success in the cloud.

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1. How does becoming an AWS EKS Service Delivery Partner benefit customers?

ANS: – Becoming an AWS EKS Service Delivery Partner demonstrates a partner’s deep understanding and experience in implementing EKS solutions. This expertise translates into numerous benefits for customers. Firstly, customers gain access to a trusted partner who can architect and deploy EKS clusters efficiently, reducing implementation time and complexity. Additionally, partners can provide ongoing support and optimization services, ensuring EKS environments are continuously monitored, secured, and optimized for maximum performance. By working with an AWS EKS Service Delivery Partner such CloudThat, customers can confidently embrace Kubernetes on AWS and focus on driving their business goals.

2. How can a partner achieve the AWS EKS Service Delivery Partnership

ANS: – To achieve the AWS EKS Service Delivery Partnership, a partner must meet specific requirements and demonstrate their expertise in deploying EKS solutions. The partner must have an AWS-branded microsite that showcases their AWS practice, including their specialization in Amazon EKS. They must also submit AWS customer case studies highlighting successful implementations of EKS for specific customer challenges. These case studies should include details such as the customer’s name, the challenge faced, the solution deployed, AWS services utilized, and the outcomes achieved. Architecture diagrams illustrating the solution’s interaction with the AWS Cloud and adherence to best practices are also required. Additionally, the partner must complete a self-assessment checklist, ensuring program requirements compliance.

WRITTEN BY Anusha Shanbhag

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