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What all happened on Day 2 of AWS re:Invent 2022? A quick roundup!


On Day 1 of the AWS re:Invent 2022, we witnessed some amazing releases, enhancements to governance and monitoring, and new computing optimizations. 

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 Now, let’s take a look at what happened on Day 2 of AWS re:Invent 2022! 


The PeerTalk Session

Peer Talk is a networking platform, that launched this year with the goal of fostering deep connections within the re:Invent community. This wonderful opportunity helps attendees to get along with AWS experts to network, learn, and engage with likeminded peers.  

You can check out the AWS line-up of PeerTalk experts below: 

AWS re:Invent 2022 PeerTalk Experts | Amazon Web Services ( 

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Keynote session by Adam Selipsky

Adam Selipsky, the CEO of Amazon Web Services, talked about how developers are using AWS to revolutionize businesses and possibly our future.  Adams’s keynote underscored the progress of AWS Analytics services and how it aids data analysis in various realms like real-time data, exabytes, big data, and more. He also quoted, “Over 1000 Unicorn start-ups are using AWS services.”  

The session included customer speakers:  

  • Liz Homans, CEO of Lyell Immunopharma
  • Biljana Kaitovic, Executive Vice President Digital & IT, Group CIO, and Member of ENGIE Executive Committee and 
  • Cedrik Neike, CEO of Digital Industries at Siemens

The speakers highlighted how AWS is transforming and modernizing the world in crucial domains including health, data, businesses, and even more 

During the session, Adam Selipsky also announced several new releases and feature updates. These were: 

  • Amazon Redshift Integration for Apache Spark – Build and run Spark applications that can consume and write data from an Amazon Redshift cluster
  • OpenSearch Serverless– Deploy, operate, and scale opensearch clusters in the AWS Cloud
  • ML-Powered Forecasting with Quicksights Q – Simplify and will scale complex analytical workloads using natural language
  • QuickSights Operational Paginated Reports- Schedule, create, and sharing the highly formatted multipage reports and schedule data exports at scale
  • Amazon Aurora Zero ETL with Redshift Zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift on petabytes of transactional data from Aurora
  • Amazon DataZone Share, search, and discover data at scale across organizational boundaries
  • Amazon Omics Consolidates organizations’ security data from the cloud and on-premises sources into a dedicated data lake
  • Amazon Security Lake– Automates storage tiering and normalizes data from integrated AWS services as well as third-party services
  • Amazon Verified Permissions A scalable, fine-grained permission management and authorization service for custom applications.
  • Amazon Clean Rooms Secure, match, analyze, and collaborate on combined datasets without the need to share or reveal the underlying dataset.
  • Amazon SimSpace Weaver A new computing service to run real-time spatial simulations in the cloud and at scale
  • AWS Supply Chain Unify the data, provides ML-powered actionable insights and offers built-in contextual collaboration.

‘AWS Storage Innovations at Exabyte Scale’ session by Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec

Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec, VP of AWS Foundational Data Services, and Andy Warfield, AWS Distinguished Engineer were the speakers of this session.  

Mai-Lan spoke about the latest AWS storage developments and shared insights into how customers run modern businesses on data lakes and with high-performance data. She also spoke about how the data is increasing daily due to modern technologies.  

Andy Warfield on the other hand demonstrated how we can ingest data using an S3 bucket that can be manipulated and cataloged using AWS Glue. He also exhibited the art of dashboard creation to review metrics using Amazon QuickSight. 

Mai-Lan announced certain new releases too. These were: 

  • Amazon S3 Multi-Region Access Points failover controls
  • Leverage pattern matching and machine learning (ML) to protect data
  • Amazon EBS Rule Lock for Recycle Bin
  • AWS Backup expands support of resources
  • New compliance capabilities on AWS Backup

‘Compute Innovations to Enable any Application in the Cloud’ session by David Brown

David Brown, VP of Amazon EC2, talked about the advances that AWS is bringing to many businesses. Going back to the past, he mentioned November 2008, where they launched their 1 millionth instance and said that there are 100 million instances launched daily. To date, they have crossed 30 billion instances launched in EC2.  

David Brown launched a few exciting releases for chips and instance types with improved performance. The new launches were: 

  • The Nitro V5 Chip
  • C7gn Instance Types in EC2
  • HPC7g Instance Types in EC2
  • Trn1n Instance Types for Deep Learning Workloads

‘Building Modern Apps: Architecting for Observability and Resilience’ session by Francessca Vasquez and Shaown Nandi

Francessca Vasquez, Vice President of Technology and Customer Solutions at AWS commenced by highlighting how AWS helped NASA to build a telescope to automatically help recover from failures, -to test and build recovery procedures, and implement changes with automation to reduce manual errors. 

Shaown Nandi, Director of Technology at AWS spoke next about Resilience and it’s four key areas – Anticipating, Monitoring, Responding, and Learning.  

The session also had two customer speakers – Will Meyer, Managing VP of Cloud & Connectivity at CapitalOne, and Kym Weiland, Vice President, and Enterprise Operations of FINRA. 

Shaown Nandi also announced the release of the Zonal Shift feature for Amazon Route 53 ARC.  

‘Accelerating Innovation with Serverless on AWS’ session by Holly Mesrobian

The session by Holly Mesrobian, VP of Serverless Compute at AWS was about the advancements taking place across both Serverless functions and Serverless containers.  

Holly drew parallels to past with the world’s advancements from Faraday Disk to Modern Power Stations and computing evolution from Physical Machine to Serverless. 

Next, a customer speaker, Sheen Brisals, Senior Engineering Manager, The LEGO Group, spoke about how AWS serverless has evolved their shopping stores. Another customer speaker Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Vercel also shared their story of evolution. 

Holly Mesrobian announced Amazon Inspector for Lambda function – assessing lambda functions for software issues & vulnerabilities. 

‘Building for a better future: Agility, speed, and Resilience’ by Max Peterson

The Day 3 finale of re:Invent was marked by a  session  from Max Peterson, Vice President of AWS Worldwide Public Sector.  The session was graced by customer speakers: 

  • Dr. Peggy Whiteson, Director of Human Space Flight and Astronaut, Axiom Space 
  • Matthew Fraser, Chief Technology Officer, New York City. 

The Expo

At the Expo, the audience witnessed the newest interactive demos, using AWS technology, expert conversations, and peer networking.  

Some of the demos which our CEO noted at the Expo were: 

  • The Robotic Arm Demo – A robotic arm that takes cues from your hand movements to score a goal
  • Racetrack built using AWS services – A demo of a racetrack built using AWS services and IoT code 
  • The Robotic Drink Server – A server completely built in AWS tech that picks up the glass and serves the chosen drink


Day 2 of the AWS re: Invent 2022 saw some great releases which is set revolutionise the world as we know it. (Click here to read more about it.)

We can expect the same from Day 3 as well. Stay tuned to our blogs know what happens next!  

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