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Smartest ETL tool : Matillion

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For cloud data warehousing platforms like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Azure Synapse, Matillion is a advanced ETL tool. This tool can analyze millions of rows in seconds and offers real-time feedback. It also makes sending down data modifications to your data warehouse simple.

Matillion has a robust ETL/ELT feature and a browser-based user interface. It has advanced capabilities like version control, collaboration, and graphical job development, and it has more than 20 components for reading, writing, and transforming data. The process of loading data into a cloud data warehouse or data lake is streamlined by Matillion, which offers a variety of data connectors for gathering data from various sources.

Example of Matillion GUI to create a simple ELT pipeline


Here we extract the raw data, push them into tables, and load the Avro data into variant/required format. Once the data is loaded, the required transformations are carried out. The key point is that this can all be done using drag-and-drop GUI.

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Key features of Matillion

  • Easy to use drag and drop browser interface.
  • Live feedback, data preview, validation
  • Push-down ETL technology combines warehouse tools to perform complex joins
  • Support a wide range of collaborations
  • Wide range of admin menus to simplify administration
  • Offers 50+ popular connectors to connect and source data from
  • Easy User interface and help you execute jobs in minutes
  • Advanced In-client support
  • Offers enterprise-wide features like Data Lineage and Documentation.

Data Warehouse Platforms supported by Matillion

The five cloud data warehouse platforms that Matillion now supports are Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Synapse, and Delta Lake.


Snowflake is gaining huge market captivity in the data warehouse platforms segment. Matillion ETL changes any complex information and loads it into the Snowflake data warehouse, which allows the clients to create data-driven choices. The present day cloud capabilities of the Matillion tool offer clients effortlessness, speed, and ease of scale. Utilizing Matillion for Snowflake permits the clients to create/utilize flexible compute control to turn information into insightful data immediately.

Amazon Redshift:

Amazon Redshift is one of the driving cloud data warehouse stages advertised by Amazon Web services. It has been designed to execute huge databases and movements successfully. Redshift offers a secure way to stream information between SQL clients and clusters. It permits the clients to inquire and analyze organized and semi-structured data utilizing standard SQL. The lion’s share of the companies is utilizing Redshift alongside Matillion to control their analytical spaces.

Google BigQuery:

Google BigQuery could be a completely managed and advanced enterprise data warehouse framework that permits organizations to resolve data management issues by empowering quick SQL codes using Google’s handling framework. Utilizing Google BigQuery, you’ll effectively analyze a petabyte of the dataset with the assistance of ANSI SQL integration with different applications. Matillion supports all ETL operations upon the BigQuery

Azure Synapse Analytics:

Azure Synapse is an advanced version of Azure SQL data warehouse and acts as a centralized stage for supporting data warehousing and analytics challenges. It performs analytical operations on relational and NoSQL data on a large scale. Matillion is one of the broadly deployed services to fulfill the ETL requirements of Azure Synapse.

Delta lake:

Delta Lake, present on data bricks, is an open-source platform for storing large data blocks. It guarantees data quality using an extra storage layer and supports parallel data pipelines to read and write/update data simultaneously. Delta lake comes with evolved features to integrate and work with different tools. Matillion fulfills all the ETL requirements of Delta Lake.

Advantages of using the Matillion ETL tool

  • It broadly supports a wide range of deployments and Integrations
  • Offers effective ETL functionalities to source data from different data points.
  • Highly scalable, which also includes vertical and horizontal scaling.
  • Most convenient for doing data transformations.
  • Easy to set up, restore, and backup.
  • Easy to learn because of its Graphical user interface
  • Easy coding using Python.
  • Fast and efficient data loading
  • Matillion efficiently works on data warehouse platforms like Redshift, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and Azure Synapse.
  • It comes with an evolved, easy-to-use GUI.
  • Matillion offers a different range of components to satisfy multiple business needs.


The newest and most powerful ETL capabilities of Matillion have made it the most popular cloud ETL service in the present market. It is super flexible and easily works with all the popular data warehouse platforms. The easy Graphical User Interface makes it easy to learn and use in a very efficient way.

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1. What is Matillion?

ANS: – Matillion is an advanced ETL tool. This tool can analyze millions of rows in seconds and offers real-time feedback. It also makes sending down data modifications to your data warehouse simple.

2. Which are the data warehouse platforms supported by Matillion?

ANS: – Data warehouse platforms like Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Delta Lake.



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