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Secure AWS Account with AWS Security Hub

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In the ever-evolving cloud security landscape, AWS Security Hub is a pivotal service within the AWS Free Tier, providing an integrated solution for continuous security monitoring and threat detection. This blog aims to demystify AWS Security Hub, offering insights into its functionalities, setting it up within the Free Tier, and exploring practical applications for safeguarding your cloud environment.


AWS Security Hub is a comprehensive security service that centralizes and prioritizes security findings from various AWS services. It helps you identify and remediate potential security risks by providing a unified view of your security posture.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Aggregated Findings: AWS Security Hub aggregates findings from AWS services like Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Inspector, and Amazon Macie, providing a centralized dashboard for comprehensive security insights.
  • Prioritization and Insights: Findings are automatically normalized and prioritized, allowing you to focus on the most critical security issues.
  • Automated Remediation: Integrate AWS Security Hub with AWS Lambda to automate responses and remediation actions based on security findings.

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Getting Started with AWS Security Hub in Free Tier

Activating AWS Security Hub

Activate AWS Security Hub through the AWS Management Console by selecting the AWS Security Hub service and following the guided setup. This process includes enabling specific security standards and integrating with relevant AWS services.

AWS Security Hub Dashboard

Familiarize yourself with the AWS Security Hub dashboard, which overviews your security findings, compliance status, and trends. This dashboard serves as a central hub for monitoring your security posture.

Utilizing AWS Security Hub for Threat Detection

Aggregated Findings and Insights

Explore the aggregated findings within AWS Security Hub to gain insights into potential security threats. Prioritize findings based on severity and address the most critical issues first.

Automated Remediation Actions

Integrate AWS Lambda functions to automate responses and remediation actions for specific security findings. This proactive approach enhances your ability to respond swiftly to emerging threats.

Cost Management Strategies for AWS Security Hub

Monitoring AWS Security Hub Usage

Regularly monitor your AWS Security Hub usage to stay within Free Tier limits. The AWS Management Console provides detailed information on your resource consumption.

Setting Up Billing Alerts

Configure billing alerts to receive notifications when approaching or exceeding Free Tier limits. Proactive monitoring ensures that you manage costs effectively.

Integration with Other AWS Services

AWS Security Hub and Amazon Detective

Enhance your threat detection capabilities by integrating AWS Security Hub with Amazon Detective. This integration provides additional context and insights into security findings.

Collaboration with AWS IAM

Implement the principle of least privilege when configuring AWS IAM roles for AWS Security Hub. Restrict permissions to ensure security and minimize the risk of unauthorized access.

Best Practices for AWS Security Hub

Regularly Reviewing and Addressing Findings

Frequently review AWS Security Hub findings to address security issues promptly. Establish a routine for reviewing and updating security configurations based on emerging threats.

Continuous Monitoring and Adjustments

Adapt AWS Security Hub configurations based on changes in your AWS environment and emerging security threats. Continuous monitoring ensures that your security posture remains enhanced.


AWS Security Hub is a vital component within the AWS Free Tier, offering a comprehensive solution for bolstering cloud security. You can establish a proactive security posture by understanding its features, leveraging automated responses, and integrating with other AWS services.

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1. What role does AWS Security Hub play in AWS Free Tier?

ANS: – AWS Security Hub in Free Tier centralizes security findings, providing a unified view of potential threats and vulnerabilities across your AWS environment.

2. Are there any limitations to using AWS Security Hub in the Free Tier?

ANS: – While AWS Security Hub is part of the Free Tier, usage limits exist. It’s crucial to monitor your resource consumption to stay within these limits.

3. Can AWS Security Hub be integrated with other AWS services for enhanced security?

ANS: – Yes, AWS Security Hub can be integrated with services like Amazon Detective to provide additional context and insights into security findings.

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