CloudThat's advanced Generative AI solutions transform data processing and hyper personalize the customer experience for increased business value.

For you, we empower businesses with advanced Generative AI capabilities on AWS. By leveraging the power of Neural Networks and Deep Learning, businesses are enabled to harness the potential of AI to make data-driven decisions, enhancing customer experiences and fostering growth.

Business Use Cases for GenAI

Increase business efficiency through industry specific use cases with GenAI solutions.

Video Summarization

Condense lengthy educational videos into short summaries, offering students a quick overview of key concepts and enabling more efficient learning by saving time and focusing on essential information.

Contextual Chatbot

Leverages advanced AI algorithms to engage with learners in natural language, offering personalized assistance, answering questions, and guiding them through their educational journey based on individual needs and preferences.

Content Generation

Automates the creation of high-quality educational materials, empowering educators to focus on teaching while ensuring students have access to diverse and engaging learning resources.

QnA Generation and validation

Through intelligent algorithms, it automates the generation and validation of question-answer pairs, streamlining the process of creating assessments and ensuring accuracy and relevance.

Text Summarization

Simplify complex educational texts with a text summarization tool, which distills lengthy passages into clear and concise summaries. This tool enhances comprehension and retention by providing students with easily digestible information and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Personalized Learning

Customize learning experiences to suit the individual preferences, pace, and proficiency levels of each student, leveraging AI to deliver tailored content, adaptive assessments, and targeted interventions that maximize engagement and mastery of concepts.

Core Competencies

Commitment to Innovation

We are committed to continuous innovation and staying ahead of the latest advancements in educational AI technology. By actively exploring innovative applications of generative AI, we strive to address specific educational needs and drive meaningful outcomes in the EdTech landscape.

Expert Data Engineering

Our dedicated teams are adept at collecting, cleaning, and preparing diverse educational data, ensuring the quality and relevance necessary for training AI models that enhance learning experiences.

Advanced AI Algorithms

We specialize in developing advanced AI algorithms customized for educational applications, including Natural Language Generation, image synthesis, and data generation, revolutionizing how educational content is created and delivered.

Machine Learning Proficiency

With deep expertise in machine learning techniques such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, and generative adversarial networks (GANs), we create and optimize AI models specifically tailored for educational purposes, driving innovation in teaching and learning methodologies.

Client-Centric Approach

We engage with educational institutions and stakeholders to understand their unique challenges and goals, effectively communicating the transformative potential of AI-driven solutions in education. We empower educators and learners by delivering customized solutions aligned with their objectives.

Strategic AWS Partnership

Through our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we leverage advanced cloud infrastructure and AI capabilities to deploy and manage educational AI models seamlessly, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security.

GenAI Solutions

Contextual Chat

Context-aware chatbot for improved customer engagement and user context tracking.

Contextual Assessment

Create, evaluate and analyze user-generated content automatically for businesses in educational settings.

Audio/Video Summarization

Condense audio and video content into concise contextual summaries with essential information and save time.

Intelligent Document Search

Enhance Document Search capabilities to extract precise, contextual information for efficient processing and engaging interaction.

Our Approach

With our Generative AI consulting, we seamlessly integrate AI, aligning it with your objectives through careful planning. We fine-tune the AI model after comprehensive planning for a hassle-free experience, enabling you to leverage its full potential effortlessly.

Requirement Gathering

Identifying the needs and objectives of the project stakeholders to define the scope and specifications.

Model Selection

Choosing the most suitable machine learning or AI model based on the project requirements and available data.

Model Development and Fine-Tuning

Creating the machine learning model and adjusting its parameters to optimize performance and accuracy.

Testing and Validation

Conducting rigorous testing and validation procedures to verify the reliability and effectiveness of the model before deployment.

Competency Badges

Advanced Tier Services

The services provided by our expert team covers all aspects, including, but not limited to, building, development, deployment and debugging.


This development tool plays a vital role in the cloud architecture design, failing which deployment would be difficult.


Reduce cost, increase agility, and improve security with our Migration Services competency.

Data & Analytics

Our Data Analytics offerings aid in transforming data into a valuable asset for your business.

Why to partner with us

Expertise in GenAI Technologies

CloudThat boasts a team of certified experts well-versed in GenAI Language Models (LLMs) and core AI/ML technologies, ensuring the EdTech firm receives top-notch solutions tailored to your needs.

Proven Track Record

With years of experience in AI/ML solution consulting, CloudThat has a proven track record of delivering successful projects across various industry sectors. This expertise ensures that your partnership will result in effective and efficient solutions for the EdTech firm.

Comprehensive Consulting Services

CloudThat specializes in delivering GenAI solutions and consulting services across various advanced cloud technologies. This comprehensive approach allows the EdTech firm to leverage advanced designs and engineering operations to meet your technological requirements.

Result-driven Approach

CloudThat focuses on delivering solid results, helping EdTech firms achieve their goals and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving education technology landscape.

CloudThat as AWS Partner

CloudThat is an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner and AWS Data Analytics Competency Partner, delivering top-tier expertise in AWS services and data analytics solutions, ensuring clients achieve optimal performance and innovation in their cloud journey.

Technology Stack

Amazon SageMaker

Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Polly

Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Translate

Amazon Transcribe

Amazon CodeWhisperer

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