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11 Sample Questions to help you crack the Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900 certification exam

Hello Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts. Here are some sample questions for the Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900 certification exam.

You can answer the multiple-choice questions, verify the correct answer at the end, appear for the exam, and grab your certificate quickly.

Here goes the Quiz:

  1. You want to create a model to predict the price of the stock based on historic data that includes daily stock price and a week of the day. Which Azure service should you use?
    a. Azure Machine Learning
    b. Custom Vision
    c. Regression
    d. Computer Vision
  2. Your organization has a payment gateway, and you see there is some unusual transaction. Which service you can use to detect such transaction.
    a. Machine Learning
    b. Classification
    c. Sentiment analysis
    d. Anomaly Detection
  3. From the following options, which is a form of machine learning that is used to predict which category, or class, an item belongs to
    a. Clustering
    b. Classification
    c. Regression
    d. Speech
  4. A bank wants to use historic loan repayment records to categorize loan applications as low-risk or high-risk based on characteristics like the loan amount, the income of the borrower, and the loan period. What kind of machine learning model should the dealership use automated machine learning to create?
    a. Clustering
    b. Classification
    c. Fast Forest Quantile Regression
    d. Ordinal Regression
  5. You want to create an application in which you have to process your own photos. which services you will use?
    a. Computer Vision
    b. OCR
    c. Custom Vision
    d. Text Analysis
  6. While processing photographs which service will give you a bounding box near an object?
    a. Computer Vision
    b. Optical Character Recognition
    c. Machine Learning Workspace
    d. Custom Vision
  7. Your organization needs to create an application that will detect printed as well as handwritten text in images. Which service you will use to create an application?
    a. Computer Vision (OCR)
    b. Text Analysis
    c. Translator Text
    d. Speech
  8. Your organization has a website in which customers give their reviews about your service, Now you have to differentiate between positive and negative reviews. Which service you will use?
    a. Translator Text
    b. Computer Vision
    c. Speech
    d. Text Analysis
  9. Which service you will use to tag content so that it will not translate the tagged content
    a. Translator Text Service
    b. Speech
    c. Read API
    d. OCR
  10. Which service you will use if you want to manage access and billing for services together?
    a. Cognitive Service
    b. Custom Vision Service
    c. Machine Learning Service
    d. None of the above
  11. You are the owner of a restaurant you wanted to create a reservation system for your customers. Which service you will use?
    a. Azure Bot Service and QnA maker
    b. QnA Maker
    c. Azure Bot Service
    d. Speech

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Correct Answer:

1. a
Explanation: Azure machine learning is used to create model-like regression, classification, and clustering

2. d
Explanation: Anomaly detection is used to detect intrusion detection, fraud detection, fault detection, system health monitoring

3. b.
Explanation: Classification is a machine learning method that uses data to determine the category, type, or class of an item or row of data

4. b.
Explanation: Classification is a machine learning method that uses data to determine the category, type, or class of an item or row of data

5. c.
Explanation: Custom vision is used to process custom photos

6. a
Explanation: Computer vision will create an  imaginary rectangle that serves as a point of reference for object detection

7. a.
Explanation: You can use Computer Vision to extract text from an image into a machine-readable character stream using optical character recognition 

8. d.
Explanation: Text analysis provides Natural Language Processing (NLP) features for text mining and text analysis, including sentiment analysis, opinion mining, key phrase extraction, language detection, and named entity recognition

9. a.
Explanation: Translator text provide selective translation by which you can tag content so that it isn’t translated.

10. a
Explanation: You can use Cognitive services  if you plan to use multiple services and want to simplify administration and development

11. a.
Explanation: both Bot and QnA maker will be used so that bot can respond to queries

Did you score above 70%? If not then go through the study material again and test your knowledge with the TestPrep material.

Disclaimer: These questions are NOT appearing in the certification exam. I personally or CloudThat do not have any official tie-up with Microsoft regarding the certification or the kind of questions asked. These are my best guesses for the kind of questions to expect with Microsoft in general and with the examination.

Go through my previous blog 9 steps to crack the Microsoft AI fundamentals certification exam and get hold of all the required study material to crack the AI-900 exam.

Feel free to drop any questions in the comment box, I would love to address them. I hope you enjoyed the article. Best of luck!

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