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Effortless App Development using Co-Pilot: Boosting Efficiency

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Artificial intelligence (AI) transformation is the process of utilizing AI to drive digital transformation, integrating AI into every aspect of a business, and redefining how value is provided to customers. Businesses that use AI benefit from data and cutting-edge analytics that speed up processes, improve decision-making and accurately forecast outcomes for both their customers and for themselves. This blog gives you an overview of the AI co-pilot tool that is incorporated into Microsoft Power Platform.  

In Power Apps, AI Copilot’s capabilities are made available to both app developers and their end-users. With Copilot, you can create an app, along with the data that powers it, by simply outlining your requirements through a series of conversational steps. The first screen of your apps will have copilot-powered experiences integrated in, allowing users to uncover insights through chat rather than mouse clicks. 

Microsoft copilot provides you with a creative assistant which gives you an output based on the data input provided. It provides recommendations based on the commands provided by humans. Humans can alter the solutions based on their requirements. It uses natural language which provides a seamless experience for the users.  

Large Scale Foundation Models Enabling new Era of AI

The technology of AI is made possible by different foundational models as below.


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  • AIML & IoT
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Co-Pilot to Create Applications

The co-pilot option is available when the power platform portal home page is opened. Co-pilot feature is in preview mode and available in selected countries.

Specify the app to be created in natural language for example ‘Create an App to log the Train the Trainer Attendance’. Once you click on enter, it will generate the table with the option to edit. You can make the necessary changes to the table as per your requirements.

If any changes are to be made to the table created, it can be mentioned in the co-pilot part. For example, in this case, I wanted to add email address to the table. So mentioned using natural language as shown in figure below.

Once mentioned in the co-pilot, you can see the email address table updated with the help of AI.

“Create App” option can be clicked, and it will start creating the App as shown below.

If any changes have to be made, it can be easily edited as well. So just by click of the mouse, apps can be created. It also gives you the option to view it in various mobile views as well.


It is simple to retain data at the core of every application with Copilot in Power Apps. A data table is built for your app automatically once you describe its purpose. The app can then be improved using natural language by the creators using Copilot to meet their needs. Now that anyone can create an app, experienced developers can focus on more complex code, components, and integrations while simultaneously saving more time.

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