Securing AWS Infrastructure with AWS Control Tower's Governance Framework

AWS Control Tower simplifies setting up and managing a secure, multi-account AWS environment by automating governance tasks and implementing best practices for security and compliance. CloudThat provides tailored solutions to leverage AWS Control Tower effectively, offering comprehensive services to ensure businesses derive maximum value from it. CloudThat helps businesses streamline their cloud operations, enhance security and compliance, and accelerate their journey to the cloud with confidence.

About AWS Control Tower

AWS Control Tower automates the setup and governance of secure, multi-account AWS environments, integrating best practices for identity management, security, compliance, and governance. This ensures the swift establishment of a secure baseline environment while enforcing predefined policies. Centralized logging and automated remediation offer a streamlined approach to managing a secure AWS infrastructure, empowering businesses for innovation and growth.

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Industries utilizing AWS Control Tower

Various industries have benefited from AWS Control Tower. A few are listed below:

AWS Control Tower for Easy Governance at Scale

An organization must adjust its business need to remain agile whereas giving administration at scale. Setting up the foundational benchmarks gives you the capacity to set up arrangements and work your environment for both business agility and governance at scale. Successful cloud adoption starts with a secure cloud-based environment, including an AWS environment with a multi-account architecture. When your organization has multiple AWS accounts and teams, cloud setup, security, and permission management can be complex and time-consuming, slowing the innovation you’re trying to accelerate.

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Maximizing Business Potential with the Power of AWS Control Tower

Leveraging AWS Control Tower empowers businesses with streamlined governance, enhanced security, and optimized operations for their multi-account AWS environments.

Automated Governance

Automates governance tasks, ensuring consistent enforcement of security policies across all AWS accounts.

Simplified Setup

Simplifies the process of setting up a secure, multi-account AWS environment, reducing the time and...

Built-in Best Practices

Implements best practices for security and compliance by default, minimizing the risk of misconfigurations and...

Centralized Management

Provides a centralized dashboard for managing and monitoring multiple AWS accounts, offering visibility and control...

Scalable Infrastructure

Establishes a secure and scalable foundation for AWS accounts, supporting business growth and agility.

Continuous Compliance

Monitors for policy violations and offers automated remediation, helping organizations comply with regulatory requirements.

Operational Efficiency

Improves operational efficiency and reduces management overhead.

Why Choose CloudThat as a Partner

CloudThat assists businesses with AWS Control Tower by providing expert guidance and customized solutions. Leveraging our deep AWS expertise and track record in cloud optimization, we offer comprehensive support from setup to ongoing management. With our assistance, businesses can streamline operations, enhance security, and accelerate cloud adoption, maximizing the benefits of AWS Control Tower for their organization. We are:

  • AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner
  • AWS Migration Competency Partner
  • AWS Data Analytics Competency Partner
  • AWS DevOps Competency Partner
  • AWS Lambda Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partner
  • AWS Public Sector Partner
  • Amazon EKS Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon DynamoDB Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon API Gateway Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon ECS Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon Public Sector Solution Provider
  • Amazon EC2 Service Delivery Partner
  • AWS Glue Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon Redshift Service Delivery Partner
  • AWS Control Tower Service Delivery Partner
  • AWS WAF Service Delivery Partner

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