Optimize Your Media & Streaming Services with our end-to-end media consulting services

The Media & Entertainment industry is witnessing a surge in transformation with digital-content-delivery models taking the driver’s seat. Our media consulting services act as an Expert Guide, enabling your business to create, transform, and deliver digital content with ease and obtain intelligent insights across multiple formats, platforms, and locations.

Key Benefits of Our IT & Cloud Consulting for Media Services

Broadcast live content with minimal delay

With our cloud video platform services, you can render your live content with minimal latency and improve your overall customer experience and preferences.

Automate the Integration Process

Our Media Cloud Consulting & Services eliminate the need to manage physical infrastructure and minimize the manual integration and administration of cloud resources and be content creation & delivery focused.

Enhance performance and media discoverability

Our media consulting services & solutions ensure better media streaming services through easier media detection mechanisms built on AI-based search features.

Extensive support for modern content distribution

Our IT & Cloud Consulting for Media services support a wide spectrum of media source files, content streaming and protection formats and ensure smooth streaming of content.

Live broadcasting of sports, conference, or concerts to online audience

Customized and Live broadcast of sports, conferences, or concerts to online audience that controls the type of viewership and the recording privileges.

Enjoy the benefits of unparallel speed and security

Our cloud media services enable organizations to own their media, encrypt it, relocate it, and manage its retention without relying on external sources through guaranteed speed and security features.

Our Services

Our Comprehensive Cloud video platform & storage services help media organizations with a wide layout of multimedia services to create, store, process, manage and distribute their digital media content across different channels by following 4 simple steps of production, processing, management, and distribution

Media Production & Storage

Create video and other forms of media content and livestream online with special effects and store them securely with low-cost and highly reliable capabilities with our cloud video platform and cloud video storage services.

Media Processing

Our cloud video platform services transcode videos in real-time or offline with cutting edge transcoding technologies and broadcast-grade features

Media Management

Ensure comprehensive content management, content compliance assurance with our smart AI-based media cloud consulting & services to deliver robust content security with fool-proof encryption technologies.

Media Distribution

We offer the flexibility to choose between AWS media services or Azure media services so that organizations can distribute video/content on any standard platforms.

Competency Badges

Client Testimonials

“When we started analyzing the requirement, we were in a dilemma that the automation of the end-to-end process would really work or not. From the start of the project, till the end, the dev team was transparent and had delivered the solution beyond the expectation. For any future AWS-related requirements, I don't need to search for a vendor. Thanks, CloudThat technologies.”

- Karunakar Reddy R, Director, DataLyca

“You are known for ownership in Zoomcar DevOps. You always come forward willingly to accept responsibility and assist people. You believe in the outcome and constantly provide constructive input. Within a short span of time, you have proved your effective DevOps skills.
Your assistance is beyond our expectations, especially given our constrained bandwidth. Most of the operational difficulties (such as logging) could not have been fixed without your assistance.”

- Mohit Kumar, DevOps Team

“Our experience with CloudThat was very delightful and I will surely recommend CloudThat to friends and colleagues. We did a WAR review and with CloudThat team and the recommendations were implemented successfully a few days ago. The team we interacted with was very friendly, highly professional and extremely helpful. We are impressed with the CloudThat team members. Aditya from Marketing does required follow-ups with us and their internal team promptly and effectively. The Tech Team led by Damodar Hulekal and supported ably by Nitin Taneja, Nishant Ranjan, Ullas and Sara is such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team that it was a pleasure interacting with them. All in all, it was a great experience. We will stick with CloudThat.”

- Hari Balasubramanian, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Complinity Technologies

What Differentiates Our Solutions

We are an AWS Advance Tier Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner & Google Cloud Partner. With these strategic partnerships and the right mix of experience and talent we empower our customers to move up in their business horizon.

Proven expertise of 11+ years in cloud consulting

We are seasoned players in the cloud consulting space and have delivered businesses with apt media solutions for seamless streaming, Ad monetization and more.

Strong pool of certified cloud media experts

Our dedicated team of 500+ trained and certified Cloud experts can handle projects that demand direct-to-customer models for media space and online streaming.

Authorized partner for major Cloud services providers

With our successful partnership with AWS, Microsoft, Google & VMware cloud for over 11+ years, we have helped clients across industries with our cloud media services.

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Cloud media services refer to a set of tools and infrastructure provided by cloud service providers for storing, managing, and delivering media content like videos, audio, images, and streaming data. Unlike traditional media hosting, which often requires physical servers and infrastructure, cloud media services leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud, making it easier to store, manage, and distribute media content globally.

Cloud media services offer several advantages, including:

  • Scalability: Easily scale resources to handle spikes in demand.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Pay only for the resources you use, reducing upfront costs.
  • Global Reach: Distribute media content globally with low-latency delivery.
  • Security: Benefit from robust security measures and content protection options.
  • Streamlining: Simplify content management and reduce IT overhead.

Cloud media services can handle various types of media content, such as:

  • Video: For streaming, on-demand video, live broadcasts, and video-on-demand (VoD) services.
  • Audio: Including podcasts, music streaming, and live audio streaming.
  • Images: For image hosting, optimization, and delivery.
  • Documents: Support for documents, PDFs, and other digital assets

Selecting the right cloud media service provider depends on your specific requirements. Consider factors such as:

      • Content Type: Ensure the provider supports your specific media content type and formats.
      • Scalability: Evaluate the provider’s ability to handle your anticipated growth.
      • Performance: Assess the quality of content delivery, including speed and global reach.
      • Security: Look for robust security features to protect your content and user data.
      • Cost: Compare pricing models and find a solution that aligns with your budget.
      • Integration: Check for compatibility with your existing tools and services.
      • Support: Ensure the provider offers adequate customer support and service-level agreements (SLAs).

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