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Streamline Your Cloud Security Updates with AWS Patch Manager

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Cybersecurity is a top priority in cloud computing, and AWS Patch Manager is your key to simplified security maintenance. This invaluable service removes the headache of patching and updating your AWS resources by automating the process. It ensures that your instances remain protected against vulnerabilities, giving you peace of mind.

With AWS Patch Manager, you can create custom patch baselines, set up scheduled updates, and monitor compliance seamlessly. It’s the ultimate solution for maintaining enhanced security within your AWS environment. In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey to uncover how AWS Patch Manager effortlessly safeguards your digital assets, making security management a breeze.


  • Need to attach AWS IAM role to Amazon EC2 instance for patch manager with AWS managed policy “AmazonSSMManagedInstanceCore”.

AmazonSSMManagedInstanceCore is an AWS-managed policy that enables the core functionality of AWS Systems Manager.

  • Some instances may require installing and running the AWS Systems Manager Agent (SSM Agent) to facilitate communication with AWS Patch Manager.
  • Create an Amazon S3 Bucket to store the logs for troubleshooting.
  • Need Amazon EC2 instance up and running (In our Scenario, we are using Amazon Linux 2023)

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Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Create an AWS IAM role for AWS Patch Manager

  • Create an AWS IAM role for the System manager to work.


  • Choose AWS service in Trusted entity type, Select Amazon EC2 in Service or use case, and click on Next
  • Select “AmazonSSMManagedInstanceCore” policy in the Add Permission tab and click on Next.
  • Give a role a name and click on Create Role.

Step 2:  Attach SSM role to Amazon EC2 instance

  • Go to the Amazon EC2 instance dashboard and select the instance.
  • Click on the Action button and select Security, and after that, select Modify AWS IAM Role.


  • Now, choose the role you created for AWS Patch Manager and Update the AWS IAM role.

Step 3: Installation of SSM Agent

To install the AWS Systems Manager Agent (SSM Agent) on your Amazon Linux 2023 machine, you can follow these steps (In our Scenario, we are using Amazon Linux 2023) if you have another OS, you can use this link to find steps to install SSM agent:

  • Connect to your Amazon Linux 2023 instance using SSH or other methods.
  • Copy the command to run it on the instance.
  • Run the below command to verify that the SSM agent is running.

You will get a similar output like this:


  • If you get an output where the service is inactive:


  • To activate the agent run the below command:

Step 4: Patching of Instance: 

  • Open the System Manager on the AWS console, select AWS Patch Manager in the left panel, and click Start with an Overview.


  • Under the Compliance reporting section, select the Amazon EC2 instance where we want to perform the Amazon EC2 instance and click on the Patch Now button.


  • In Patch operation, select Scan and Install to perform patching.


  • Select the target instance by selecting the instance manually and choosing the Amazon S3 bucket in Patching log storage.


  • Click on the Patch Now button after the Patching operation is done, we can see the result.
  • If the status of Patching is Success, you are good to go Patching is done.



In a rapidly evolving cloud landscape, security is paramount. AWS Patch Manager is a crucial tool for simplifying, patching, and updating AWS resources. Custom patch baselines, automated scheduling, and robust compliance monitoring empower organizations to fortify their AWS infrastructure effortlessly.

As we conclude our exploration of AWS Patch Manager, remember that proactive patch management is the linchpin of a secure AWS environment. With AWS Patch Manager, you’re equipped to navigate the evolving threat landscape confidently, ensuring the resilience and security of your digital assets.

By embracing the capabilities of AWS Patch Manager, you not only enhance your cloud security but also open the doors to innovation and growth, knowing that your data remains safeguarded against emerging threats. We appreciate you joining us on this journey, and we wish your AWS environment continued success in a safer, more secure future.

Drop a query if you have any questions regarding AWS Patch Manager and we will get back to you quickly.

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1. Can I use Patch Manager for both Windows and Linux instances?

ANS: – Yes, AWS Patch Manager supports Windows and Linux instances, making it a versatile solution for patch management in mixed environments.

2. What happens if a patching job fails?

ANS: – AWS Patch Manager provides detailed logs and reports to help you troubleshoot and resolve patching issues. You can review the logs to identify the cause of the failure and take corrective action.

3. Is AWS Patch Manager suitable for large-scale AWS environments?

ANS: – Yes, AWS Patch Manager is designed to scale with your needs. It can handle patching tasks in large and complex AWS environments.


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