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How Upskilling and Reskilling Help in Employee Retention for IT industries

According to the World Economic Forum report, 1 billion workforces have to be reskilled by 2030, and by 2022, 42% of core skills are expected to change to carry out activities in various sectors. The reskilling and upskilling of the workforce have become inevitable as many job roles are becoming obsolete and newer roles are getting created.

New IT jobs that will be in demand are expected to be in segments like Cloud Computing, Artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things, Data analytics, and cyber security, among others. 


1. What is upskilling? A definition
2. What is reskilling? A definition
3. How to upskill or reskill yourself?
4. Conclusion
4. How CloudThat helps you to upskill

What is upskilling? A definition

Upskilling is the process of acquiring new and relevant skills needed today or in the near future. Good examples of upskilling are learning upcoming technologies that are boosting the market like cloud, data science, machine learning, and all.

Benefits of upskilling

Improve employability

The only way employees can keep on track with the IT sector is if they are skilled regularly. If you have current knowledge and updated soft skills, you have high chances high chance of getting employment and sustaining that field for a long time. 

Helps in employee retention 

Upskilling helps your organization workforce to be abreast of recent developments in your business sphere. No organization wishes its employees to be obsolete in their skill sets. Helping your workforce to learn new skills always improves the retention rate. 

Boosts employee morale 

Employees with access to learning new skills in their domain always beam with confidence as they can visualize a progressive career path ahead. So, Reskilling boosts workforce morale.

Enhance customer satisfaction 

Well, an informed workforce recommends the right actions to the customers. Thus, the customer experience with your organization witnesses greater heights. 

Drives new talent to your organization

Happy employees are the true brand ambassadors who can rope in the best talents to the organization by sharing positive vibes about your organization in their connections.

Ensure agility 

When employees in the IT industry are skilled to learn the latest technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), data analytics, robotics, machine learning, cloud, blockchain, they become agile. They can fulfill the current market requirements which not only help in their career boost but also help in developing business. 

Encourage collaboration

When you learn about a recent technology, you expose yourself to an open-source forum where you can meet thousands of people and share your knowledge and learn and teach many things.

Drives Innovation

When you discover modern technology, you learn a lot of things and you want to try or experiment with lots of things which makes you one step closer to innovation.

What is reskilling? A definition

Reskilling is the process of acquiring new or advanced technologies either in the field in which you are working or a completely different one to meet the requirements of the market or boosting your skill. A common example like suppose you know PHP for web development but currently in the market Angular js and React js is ruling the market, so you must reskill yourself to meet the requirement.

Benefits of reskilling

Reskilling can reduce the cost by filling a new role

Recruiting, Interviewing, and hiring is not an easy taskand if you have employees with matching skill sets why not try to train them to this innovative technology instead of wasting time, money, and energy on the new one who will take lot more time to adjust in your kind of environment. 

Reskilling can help you attract new talent 

If you reskill yourself, you are exposed to a new brand-new technology where all people are talking about and having knowledge give you will give a spotlight in all of them and you will attract new talent around you. 

Boost your career growth 

If you want to sky-rocket your career you have to re-learn the technology that the market needs and soon you will find yourself in a position that will be your dream because the IT sector always has a thirst for modern technology skilled people. 

How to upskill or reskill yourself?

Look for free or low-cost training 

Check out for institutes providing value-added courses. Attend webinars to understand your career goals. Avail offers of prominent institutes and trainers that are available at economically viable fees as in the form of limited offers

Try to get certified 

  Earning certifications in your chosen domain always proves to be beneficial. For instance, if you are looking forward to honing skills in emerging technologies like DevOps, Cloud Computing, AI/ML, IoT getting trained from Industry certified partners always gives you an edge.

Freelance your new skill

Test the water by extending your newly acquired skills to organizations that need such services on a freelance basis. This always helps you to gain confidence to deliver bigger realtime projects. 

Invest in the employee volunteer program

Being part of employee volunteer programs helps you to develop organizational skills, teamwork, and leadership skills. Always take part actively in your company’s CSR programs.

Share your knowledge of the best practice 

Sharing the best practices, you have adopted with your peers creates a sense of community and promotes collaborative learning.

Try to be adaptive in nature

Being adaptive in all situations helps you to be able to deliver your best in teams. So, cultivate adaptable nature.

Be in the cycle of continuous learning 

“Life never stops teaching,” says an adage. To be competent always keeps learning and it is the mantra to success.

Improve your soft skills

Interpersonal skills are part of any workplace. Along with your technical abilities always hone your soft skills. As you grow up the corporate ladder soft skills play a vital role in nurturing you as a complete professional. 


 The importance of upskilling and reskilling has increased even further today owing to the rise of automation everywhere. And there is an exceptionally good phrase Necessity is the mother of invention so when there is a need you have to invent yourself. Reskilling programs and upskilling initiatives are necessary for preparing a future-ready workforce.   

How CloudThat helps you to upskill?

As a pioneer in the Cloud Computing training realm, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner, AWS (Amazon Web Services) Advanced Consulting Partner, and Training partner. Also, as we are Google Cloud Partners delivering best-in-industry training for Azure, AWS, and GCP (Google Cloud Platform). We are on a mission to build a strong cloud computing ecosystem by disseminating knowledge on technological intricacies within the cloud space. Our Industry aligned certifications training in Cloud computing (Azure, AWS, Google), AI/ML, DevOps, IoT, Security help professionals to upskill and reskill to be future-ready. 





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