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Easily Collect, Transform, and Transfer Vehicle Data to Cloud Using AWS IoT FleetWise

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Automakers want access to vehicle data to diagnose faults and enhance vehicle safety, but unique vehicle data formats necessitate custom data collection systems, and as vehicles advance, they generate more data, raising the cost of data transfer to the cloud.

AWS To address the above-mentioned issue, AWS IoT FleetWise was introduced. AWS IoT FleetWise is indeed a new AWS cloud service for ingesting and storing automotive large data sets. The service helps automakers to create cloud-based digital representations of their automobiles, develop and distribute collecting data schemes to their vehicles remotely, and consume this data throughout their complete production fleets.

Automakers may choose the precise data they require for their use cases with AWS IoT FleetWise’s sophisticated filtering controls, helping to cut costs by reducing the quantity of data transported to the cloud by defining conditional criteria to filter the data they want to collect and analyze (e.g., sensor data from hard-braking events associated with a vehicle make and model).

Working of FleetWise

AWS IoT FleetWise makes it simple to gather, convert, and send vehicle data to the cloud in real-time. It alleviates the burden of developing custom data collection systems by simplifying access to each vehicle’s unique data format. Intelligent filtering capabilities transport only high-value data streams to the cloud, resulting in more valuable data at a lesser cost. Use AWS IoT Fleet Wise to remotely diagnose vehicle issues in near real-time, avoiding warranty claims and recalls, or to train machine learning models that support advanced driver assistance systems for safer vehicles. With AWS IoT FleetWise, you can optimize your fleet and reduce data collecting costs.


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Features of AWS IoT FleetWise

With AWS IoT FleetWise, you can simply gather and organize data from your vehicles’ unique data format (independent of makes, models, or options) and standardize the data format for cloud analysis without having to construct new data collecting tools.

AWS IoT FleetWise’s clever filtering capabilities enable you to upload data to the cloud in near-real time. Reduce the quantity of data transmitted to the cloud by choosing what data to upload and setting rules and actions for when it should be transferred depending on characteristics such as location, climate, or type of vehicle.

Once the data is collected to the cloud, it may be utilized for purposes such as remotely diagnosing faults in personal automobiles and attempting to study vehicle fleet health on a large scale.

Data gathering based on rules

Amazon Web Services IoT FleetWise follows the criteria you set up to send only highly valuable data to the cloud. We may use conditions to determine which equipment data to transfer to the cloud, which we can define in the fleet. This decreases the quantity of irrelevant data transported to the cloud, lowering expenses while providing access to more important data.

Modeling of vehicles

Use AWS IoT FleetWise to create cloud-based virtual representations of cars and organize and label vehicle features, sensors, and signals using a standard data format.

Edge Agent

Edge Agent may be installed on supporting hardware in vehicles. The AWS IoT FleetWise Edge Agent helps the car communicate with the cloud. While the vehicle is running, it gets data gathering methods from AWS IoT FleetWise and gathers data for cloud transmission as needed.

Data engine

AWS IoT FleetWise adds information and vehicle properties to gathered vehicle data.

Use cases of FleetWise

Develop computer vision models

Camera data which is collected from the feet of automotive vehicles help to develop the machine learning modules for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Assist in reducing warranty claims and recalls

To identify and minimize fleet-wide quality issues, use near real-time data.

Enhance EV distance prediction

With FleetWise, we can quickly determine how much kilometer range will be provided with the current battery percentage, weather, and driving circumstances.

Inform drivers about shifting road conditions

Select data from adjacent cars are collected and used to inform the changes to the drivers in driving conditions, such as road closures or construction.


As a result, AWS IoT FleetWise enables vehicles to connect to the AWS cloud fast and it also helps to do more edge computing on the vehicle itself. IoT FleetWise helps to monitor a vehicle fleet using the AWS cloud.  AWS IoT FleetWise also contains rule-based data collection, vehicle modeling, an edge agent, and a data engine.

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1. What are the benefits of using AWS IoT Fleetwise?

ANS: – AWS IoT Fleet Wise connects vehicles to the AWS Cloud and monitors a fleet of vehicles, as well as providing the benefit of edge computing.

2. What are the applications of AWS IoT Fleetwise?

ANS: – AWS IoT FleetWise offers a vehicle modeling framework for modeling the vehicle. It provides continuous vehicle tracking and anomaly detection.

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