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What’s new in OpenStack Havana?

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OpenStack has evolved continuously with every release and with the Havana release we have yet again a set of new features that make it even easier to build and deploy OpenStack clouds.

The new services introduced were:

  • OpenStack Metering – provides a single source of usage data across services
  • OpenStack Orchestration – template-driven service for describing the automating deployment of services for apps

Brief about New Features

Now let us look at the new features for individual services.

1. OpenStack Compute:

  • Support for Docker which speeds up application deployment with containers
  • Additional features through the Dashboard

2. OpenStack Object Storage:

  • Global Clusters for Object Storage
  • Performance improvements to disk operations and caching
  • ConfD for better configuration management

3. OpenStack Block Storage:

  • Extend volume size
  • Transfer volume ownership
  • Migrate volumes
  • Update Quotas
  • QoS for Block Storage for guaranteed performance for apps

4. OpenStack Networking:

  • VPN-as-a-Service
  • Firewall-as-a-Service
  • Integration with new Metering service for better billing capabilities
  • Hardware vendors can now write plugins for L2 networking

5. OpenStack Dashboard:

  • Greater multilingual support
  • Improved UI, workflows, and productivity
  • Better virtualization of network topology
  • Improved role and password management

6. Shared Services:

  • Image service now supports quotas and additional storage options
  • Identity service now provides better separation between authorization and authentication
  • Granular RBAC

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