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Explore VMware Certifications and Why You Need to Get One in 2022

“Learn till your last breath,” “Learn until you die,” and “once you stop learning, you start dying” these famous adages are most relevant in the current IT workspace as relentless learning is expected as a de facto trait amongst professionals. 

For many IT administrators and engineers worldwide, learning has become synonymous with earning VMware certifications. VMware Certified Professionals or VCP are garnering huge respect at their workplaces by bringing in productivity and operational efficiency. 

Statistics emphasize that 100% of the Fortune 100 companies worldwide are working with VMware virtualization technologies. Therefore, it is undoubtedly the right time to take up this certification exam and get recognized. 

This blog post throws light on the importance of VMware certification training in the current cloud arena, opportunities you can explore by getting certified, and witness career advancement in the Cloud computing sphere by becoming a VMware Certified Professional (VCP).


1. Why Earn VMware Certification?
2. Roles & Responsibilities of VMware Certified Professionals
3. Pay Package for VMware Certified Professionals in India
4. Pay Package for VMware Certified Professionals in the US
5. VMware Training Path: A Bird’s Eye View
6. Get VMware Certified with CloudThat


Why Earn VMware Certification?

Earning these certifications opens a wide array of opportunities in the cloud sphere. Here are a few salient advantages we have identified: 

Roles & Responsibilities of VMware Certified Professionals

Pursuing a career as a VMware Certified Professional helps you to cultivate skillsets that can be broadly identified under the following categories: 

Pay Package for VMware Certified Professionals in India

Becoming a VMware Certified Professional is definitely lucrative. Here, we have compiled a list of salaries drawn by VMware Certified Professionals in the Indian and the US employment markets.

Pay Package for VMware Certified Professionals in the US


VMware Training Path: A Bird’s Eye View

VMware training courses endorse the vital skills required to integrate and manage the technology that drives the needs of your customers. These certifications are organized into multiple technology domains under different levels that are suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals.

Currently VMware certifications are available under 6 sub-categories: 

Stay tuned for our VMware cloud training blog series to explore the certifications and learning paths you can take up as per your area of specialization and interests in the cloud domain and garner respect as a VMware Certified Professional.  

Get VMware Certified with CloudThat

We spearhead cloud computing training since 2012. Being a VMware Authorized Training Reseller, Microsoft Gold Partner, Authorized AWS Training Partner, and Google Cloud Partner places us in an advantageous position while delivering cloud computing certification training for 400k+ professionals worldwide. Our strong pool of 150+ industry-certified trainers provides best-in-industry training aligned with the official curriculum and enriched by real-world use cases. So, if you are looking to earn these certifications by undergoing training and getting recognized as VMware certified professionals, you have found the right partner in CloudThat to get rigorously trained and take up these certification exams with confidence.  

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