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Integrating Prisma Cloud with Amazon ECR for Vulnerability Scanning


In recent years, the adoption of containerized applications has soared with their scalability, portability, and efficiency. However, with this surge in usage comes an increased need for robust security measures to safeguard containerized workloads against potential threats. Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) is a trusted platform for securely storing and managing container images in the cloud. By integrating Prisma Cloud with Amazon ECR, organizations can elevate their container security posture by implementing comprehensive vulnerability scanning and threat detection capabilities.


Prisma Cloud, developed by Palo Alto Networks, is a leading cloud security platform renowned for protecting cloud-native applications across various cloud environments. By integrating Prisma Cloud with Amazon ECR, organizations can seamlessly conduct vulnerability scans on container images stored in Amazon ECR repositories, enabling early detection and mitigation of security risks.

This integration streamlines the security workflow, providing actionable insights and remediation guidance to ensure the integrity and safety of containerized applications.

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Steps to Integrate Prisma Cloud with Amazon ECR for Vulnerability Scanning

Step 1: Configure Prisma Cloud to Access Amazon ECR

  • Log in to the Prisma Cloud Console.
  • Navigate to ‘Compute’ > ‘Vulnerabilities’ > ‘Registry Scanning.’
  • Click on ‘Add Registry’ and select ‘Amazon ECR.’
  • Enter your AWS account ID and region.
  • Click on ‘Next’ and follow the prompts to complete the integration.

Step 2: Enable Vulnerability Scanning for Amazon ECR Repositories

  • Once the integration is configured, Prisma Cloud will scan container images in your Amazon ECR repositories.
  • We can customize scanning policies and schedules according to our requirements.

Step 3: Review Scan Results and Take Action

  • Prisma Cloud provides detailed vulnerability scan results, including severity levels, vulnerability descriptions, and remediation steps.
  • Review scan findings and prioritize remediation efforts based on the severity of vulnerabilities detected.
  • Prisma Cloud offers actionable insights and recommendations to help address identified security risks effectively.
  • Verify that the images in the repository are being scanned under Monitor > Vulnerabilities > Images > Registries.

Step 4: Automate Remediation Workflows

Leverage Prisma Cloud’s automation capabilities to streamline remediation workflows.

Implement automated actions to mitigate vulnerabilities, such as stopping vulnerable containers, rolling back deployments, or triggering alerts to relevant stakeholders.


Integrating Prisma Cloud with Amazon ECR repositories for vulnerability scanning is a proactive step toward strengthening container security in cloud-native environments. By leveraging Prisma Cloud’s advanced scanning capabilities, organizations can detect and remediate vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle, reducing the risk of deploying insecure containerized applications into production environments. With seamless integration, actionable insights, and automated remediation workflows, Prisma Cloud empowers organizations to fortify their container security posture and stay ahead of emerging threats. Embrace the power of Prisma Cloud and Amazon ECR integration to safeguard your containerized workloads against evolving cybersecurity risks.

Drop a query if you have any questions regarding Amazon ECR and we will get back to you quickly.

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1. Why is vulnerability scanning crucial for containerized applications?

ANS: – Vulnerability scanning is crucial for containerized applications as it helps identify potential security risks and weaknesses within container images. Organizations can proactively detect vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and compliance violations by conducting regular scans.

2. How does the integration of Prisma Cloud with Amazon ECR benefit organizations?

ANS: – Integrating Prisma Cloud with Amazon ECR offers numerous benefits for organizations seeking to enhance their container security. Organizations can seamlessly conduct vulnerability scans on container images stored in Amazon ECR repositories by leveraging Prisma Cloud’s advanced scanning capabilities. This integration provides actionable insights and remediation guidance, enabling organizations to effectively identify and mitigate security risks. Prisma Cloud’s automation capabilities also streamline remediation workflows, ensuring prompt response to emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

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