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Internet Explorer Handover ‘Family-Head’ Role to Microsoft Edge After 27 Years!

After leading Microsoft’s Browser family affairs as head of the family for 27 long years Internet Explorer (IE) finally retires by handing over the keys to its heir Microsoft Edge!

In this journey of 27 years, IE had taken up various attire  (read it as versions) starting from IE-Version-1 to IE-Version-11. For some period, it had dominated the internet browser market as a monarch, it also had to fight a tough battle for market share with Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and many other players. 

IE has received both brickbats and compliments from the tech world in its long journey of 27 years. Interestingly, during this 27-year-long journey, many techies who had started their IT careers with IE have retired or are on the verge of retirement!  

The most popular meme about IE is- tech-community dubbing it as a Browser best suited for installing other Browsers!” 

We all have fond memories of various technology gadgets and tools that we have used in our day-to-day lives starting from Landline Telephones, Gramophones, Tape Recorders, BlackBerry phones, dial-up modems, and Palm Pilots, Pagers, etc. 

To conclude Internet Explorer has a permanent place in all our lives as it was synonymous for many of us as “a window to the internet” from our desktops.   

CloudThat team gives a big adieu to Microsoft IE and wishes all the success for Microsoft Edge.


Chronology of Internet Explorer Evolution
Year of Release IE Version
August 16, 1995 Microsoft Internet Explorer 1
November 22, 1995 Microsoft Internet Explorer 2
August 13, 1996 Microsoft Internet Explorer 3
September 1997 Microsoft Internet Explorer 4
March 18, 1999 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
August 24, 2001 Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
October 18, 2006 Windows Internet Explorer 7
March 19, 2009 Windows Internet Explorer 8
March 14, 2011 Windows Internet Explorer 9
October 26, 2012 Windows Internet Explorer 10
October 17, 2013 Internet Explorer 11


Read detailed story of IE retirement here:


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