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How to Prepare for the Exam AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification?


The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification is often referred as the AZ 900 certification exam. It stands as a premier azure certification course. It is designed for those embarking on their journey with the widely adopted cloud infrastructure. This course serves as a solid starting point. Especially, for individuals aiming to establish a robust understanding of cloud-related skills. It help you acquire the expertise required to navigate various aspects of the Azure environment.

Nevertheless, navigating through the extensive syllabus, filled with numerous terms, concepts, and fundamentals, can be daunting for beginners in the realm of cloud services. Managing a vast array of information may seem overwhelming at times.

To alleviate some of the stress associated with exam preparation, this blog explores various strategies for approaching the azure AZ 900 certification. Here, we offers valuable tips and tricks to streamline your study process. Let’s take a brief look at what the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification includes.

Essential AZ-900 Exam Details

Certification Name: AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

Exam Duration: 90 minutes

Number of Questions: 40-60

Passing Score: 700

Exam Cost: $99.00 USD

Which Subjects to Cover in AZ900?

For those intending to sit for the AZ900 exam, thorough preparation across the following topics is essential:

1. Cloud Concept Description

2. Core Solutions and Management Tools on Azure

3. Identity, Governance, Privacy, and Compliance Characteristics

4. Core Azure Services

5. Overall Security and Network Security Features

6. Azure Cost Management and Service Level Agreements

Pre-requisites for AZ-900 Exam

No prerequisites are required for taking this course. It is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of Microsoft Azure.

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Microsoft Learning Paths

Microsoft learning paths play a pivotal role in Azure Fundamentals certification. It offers a strategic and comprehensive approach to mastering the foundational concepts and skills necessary for working proficiently with Microsoft Azure. These paths elevate your preparation by providing:

1. Comprehensive Coverage:

Microsoft learning paths encompass all topics featured in the Azure Fundamentals certification exam. It ranges from core Azure services to aspects like security, privacy, compliance, and pricing.

2. Structured Learning:

With learning paths, you gain access to a structured learning journey designed to incrementally build your knowledge and skills. This systematic approach facilitates better comprehension of complex topics. Plus, it enhances retention of learned material.

For the azure AZ 900 certification, the official Microsoft Azure portal offers three distinct learning paths:

a. Describing Cloud Concepts

b. Azure Architecture and Services

c. Describing Azure Management and Governance

Effective Strategies for Passing the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam

Before appearing for the Microsoft cloud certification exam, consider these key points:

1. Be Prepared, Regardless of Your Azure Experience:

Approach the exam with seriousness, even if you have extensive experience with Azure services. Avoid the misconception that minimal preparation is sufficient. The AZ 900 exam poses challenging questions that may differ from your day-to-day tasks. Allocate at least two months for preparation and gather insights from various sources, adjusting your study plan based on your background.

2. Enroll in a Training Course:

Consider enrolling in an online course specifically tailored for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Certification exam. Studying independently might leave you feeling overwhelmed. Opt for a reputable online course where experienced instructors can provide valuable insights beyond what self-study offers.

3. Focus on Cloud Concepts:

Prioritize understanding the azure AZ 900 exam topics to identify areas needing more attention. Familiarize yourself with cloud computing basics, as Azure operates on a cloud-based model. Avoid the temptation to solely focus on practice problems without mastering fundamental cloud concepts. Use your preparation for Azure certifications as an opportunity to refine your cloud technology skills.

4. Utilize Diverse Study Materials:

Diversify your learning resources by exploring multiple materials. While you may prefer a particular Azure resource, supplement it with content from various platforms. Access resources like video lessons from the official website, AZ-900 practice tests from alternative sources, and articles from different platforms. Microsoft’s website is an excellent resource for Azure certifications, offering comprehensive and up-to-date documentation on each topic.

5. Take AZ-900 Practice Tests:

Initiate AZ-900 practice tests at least a month before the exam to enhance your readiness. These tests mimic the structure and difficulty level of the AZ 900 certification exam. Thus, enabling you to identify your strengths and weaknesses accurately. Practice tests are indispensable for refining your exam-taking skills and boosting confidence before the actual exam. CloudThat is the leading cloud consultancy offers the best AZ-900 certification.

Instructor-led Video Lectures and Tutorials is important

Microsoft provides a plethora of lectures, presentations, and specialized videos. These study material help in understanding the domains covered by the AZ-900 certification. Plus, it establishes a solid foundation. Here are some video resources to consider:

1. Course AZ-900T00: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

This one-day instructor-led training offers fundamental knowledge on core Azure services, management, and other cloud concepts. The course combines lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs to enhance AZ-900 exam preparation.

2. Microsoft Learn Shows

Gain insights into building solutions and leveraging Microsoft products directly from their creators. Explore a variety of on-demand content to stay updated on the latest updates, features, and offerings from Microsoft.

Some recommended shows include:

a. Inside Azure for IT

b. Data Exposed

c. Azure Developers

d. Azure Enablement Show

e. Azure Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

3. Exam Readiness Zone

These videos provide valuable tips, strategies, and techniques to assist you in preparing for your Microsoft Certification exam. They offer comprehensive exam preparation guidance, including:

a. Identifying essential knowledge and skills required for the exam

b. Effectively allocating study time

Each video segment aligns with a major topic area of the exam. In each segment, the trainers highlights common challenging objectives encountered by test takers. These videos also feature sample questions and answers with detailed explanations. It is recommended to watch these videos after completing training or gaining some practice.

Obtaining the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 certification signifies an elevated level of expertise within the field. It demonstrates mastery of fundamental concepts of Microsoft Azure. However, the exam is challenging and requires substantial dedication. By adhering to the tips provided above, you can navigate the exam successfully. Additionally, you can overcome any obstacles encountered along the way.

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