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Our seasoned Cloud Native development experts deeply understand cloud-native architecture, microservices, containerization, and orchestration platforms. By leveraging our expertise, you can unlock new scalability, agility, and resilience levels for your applications. Whether designing cloud-native architectures, developing microservices-based applications, implementing containerization with technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, or optimizing application performance in the cloud, we have the right expertise to guide you to success.

Use Cases: Cloud Native Development

Ensuring E-commerce Platform are More Scalable

Our Cloud Native Development expertise enables e-commerce platforms with seamless scaling during peak shopping seasons, ensuring high availability and performance. It also allows easy integration with third-party services, such as payment gateways and inventory management systems.

Build Robust Financial Services

Our Cloud Native Development expertise assists financial services organizations seeking to build robust and secure applications. It can enable real-time processing of transactions, fraud detection, and compliance with stringent regulatory requirements while ensuring data privacy and security.

Enabling Powerful Healthcare Applications

Embracing our Cloud Native Development expertise can revolutionize healthcare applications by enabling interoperability, telemedicine solutions, and integration with wearable devices for remote monitoring, enhancing patient care, and improving outcomes.

Realize Intense & Interactive Gaming

Relying on our Cloud Native Application Development is advantageous for game developers to build and deploy real-time multiplayer capabilities, dynamic content updates, and serverless backends, enhancing player engagement and providing a seamless gaming experience.

Derive Rich Insights from Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Cloud Native App Development is crucial for IoT applications. This use case helps organizations derive actionable insights, optimize operations, and enhance overall efficiency in various domains such as smart cities, industrial automation, and agriculture.

Enhance Digital Experience offfered by Travel and Hospitality Applications

Cloud Native Development can enhance the digital experiences of travel and hospitality applications. It enables dynamic pricing, real-time availability updates, personalized recommendations, and seamless booking and reservation systems.

Core Competencies

Proactive team of multi-cloud experts

Our team excel in solution development in top cloud platforms available to the world.

Holistic approach to address multi-cloud risk

We understand your requirement to build tailored solutions.

Strategic relationship and deep experience with our partners

Working with us, you will build long-lasting relationship and garner effective affiliations.

Cover all areas of commercial use

Visualize your futuristic needs that can help you commercialize your products in various industry/ domains

End-to-End solution implementation

Solutions delivered by our team are wholesome and can sustain hurdles, pitfalls, or challenges

Monitoring, and tracking of logs

Advanced automation tools for monitoring and tracking logs with report generation for future use

Competency Badges

Our Approach to Cloud Native Application Development

Our expert team follows a systematic process for building cloud-native applications. We maximize the potential of cloud-native development frameworks, gathering, assessing, resolving, deploying, and delivering the final product to our customers with precision and efficiency.

Assess your current environment

Before we start developing a cloud-native application, we assess your current environment. This step includes understanding your existing infrastructure, your development processes, and your security requirements.

Design your cloud native architecture

Once we understand your current environment, we will start designing your cloud-native architecture. This step includes deciding on the cloud platform you will use, the type of containers you will use, and how you will deploy and manage your applications.

Develop your cloud native applications

Once the design of cloud-native architecture is complete, we will start developing your applications. This step involves using cloud-native technologies like containers and Kubernetes to build scalable, reliable, and secure applications.

Deploy and manage your cloud native applications

Once the development phase is complete, We deploy and manage them. This step includes using a cloud-native orchestration tool, such as Kubernetes, to deploy your applications to the cloud and manage them in production.

Monitor and troubleshoot your cloud native applications

Finally, deployed cloud-native applications are monitored to ensure they perform as expected. You also need to be able to troubleshoot problems that may occur.

Competency Badges

Advanced Tier Services

This development tool plays a vital role in the cloud architecture design, failing which deployment would be difficult.


This development tool plays a vital role in the cloud architecture design, failing which deployment would be difficult.


CloudThat has a wonderful foundation consisting of an expert team of architects and designers alike.

Public sector

Cloud architecture design and development is in much demand in the public sector, which is gladly catered by CloudThat.

Why to partner with us

We use multiple tech stacks for expertise, including GitHub, AWS CodeCommit, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, JSON, and NoSQL.

The expert team takes care of all aspects of the code related to the application in terms of development, deployment, and testing.

By configuration and layering several technologies, the produced applications are usable over multiple platforms. This makes it easier for the business and the clients to follow.

We have trained specialists in AWS, Azure, DevOps, and more. DevOps expert consulting is one of our strengths. Consulting aids the development of the application overall as well.

Technology Stack

Apache Kafka cluster

Apache Cassandra



Red Hat

Azure CosmosDB

Azure Container Networking Interface (CNI)





What clients have to say

“I would highly recommend CloudThat to organizations setting up their own cloud infrastructure, especially the team headed by Lakhan Kriplani is awesome. I would like to quote one incident that shows the prowess of Team-CloudThat and Lakhan Kriplani. Our Solr Collection index in our production got corrupted and this we got to know at about 8:45 PM on a Friday. So, I called him, and he was ready to help instantly. We then worked until 4:30 AM the next morning, to get this resolved.”

- Amit Chandra


“CloudThat consistently provides expert guidance when it comes to leveraging AWS technologies to provide novel solutions to challenging problems. Our solution architecture is much more robust and secure given their input and creative utilization of AWS technologies. Highly recommended.”

- Casey Muse

CEO, Cortevo

“With a heavy heart, I have to say that the CloudThat and Rupeek engagement will be ending this September. But looking back at the journey, I would like to thank your team for being an integral part of the journey. Your team came in at a point when we had nothing literally, and it has been a great journey since then. During this journey, your team gained our confidence, and I could reach out to you for help and support anytime. Thank you so much for your trust and sincerity.”

- Manik Dham

Senior Director, Rupeek FinTech. Pvt. Ltd

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Cloud Native Application Development and Consulting is a type of consulting that helps businesses adopt and implement cloud-native technologies and practices. Cloud-native technologies are designed to be run in the cloud, offering several benefits, such as scalability, reliability, and agility.  

Cloud native consulting can help businesses with a variety of tasks, including: 

  • Cloud strategy: Cloud native consultants can help businesses to develop a cloud strategy that is aligned with their business goals.  
  • Cloud architecture: Cloud native consultants can help businesses to design and implement cloud native architectures.  
  • Cloud development: Cloud native consultants can help businesses to develop cloud native applications.  
  • Cloud operations: Cloud native consultants can help businesses to operate their cloud native applications

Cloud native services are a set of tools and technologies that are designed to help developers build, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud. They are typically lightweight, scalable, and resilient, and they can be used to create a wide variety of applications, including web applications, mobile applications, and microservices. 

Here are some of the most common Cloud Native Development services: 

  • Container orchestration: Container orchestration services, such as Kubernetes, help developers to manage and deploy containers in the cloud.  
  • Serverless computing: Serverless computing platforms, such as AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions, allow developers to run code without having to provision or manage servers.  
  • Microservices: Microservices are a software development architecture in which applications are composed of small, independent services that communicate with each other through APIs.  
  • APIs: APIs are a way for different applications to communicate with each other. They are essential for cloud native applications, which are often composed of microservices that need to communicate with each other. 
  • Databases: Cloud native databases, such as Amazon DynamoDB and Google Cloud Bigtable, are designed to be scalable and reliable.  

  1. Cloud native development and microservices are two related but distinct concepts in software development. 
  2. Cloud native development refers to an approach to building and running applications that takes full advantage of cloud computing technologies and architectures. Cloud native applications are typically designed to be scalable, reliable, and agile. 
  3. Microservices is an architectural approach to building applications that involves breaking down a monolithic application into a set of small, independent services that can be developed, deployed, and scaled independently. 

Cloud-native development technology offers a number of benefits, including: 

  • Scalability: Cloud-native applications are designed to be scalable, meaning they can easily handle changes in traffic demand.  
  • Reliability: Cloud-native applications are also designed to be reliable, meaning they can recover from failures quickly and efficiently.  
  • Agility: Cloud-native applications can be developed and deployed more quickly than traditional applications. This is because cloud-native applications are typically built using DevOps practices and continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: Cloud-native applications can be more cost-effective than traditional applications. This is because cloud-native applications are typically more efficient and can be scaled up or down as needed

CloudThat’s Cloud Native development & Consulting Expertise can help you to: 

  • Build and run scalable, effective, and efficient cloud-native applications 
  • Shorten application life cycles 
  • Improve the resilience, manageability, and observability of your applications 
  • Automate your cloud infrastructure 

If you are looking for a partner to help you with your cloud-native journey, then CloudThat is the right choice for you. 

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