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Top 5 Cloud Server Backup Solutions in 2021

“Being too busy to worry about backup is like being too busy driving a car to put on the seatbelt,” this T.E. Ronneberg quote sums up how important it is to do data backups on your computing machines. Timely backups save money, time, and every other resource.

This blog post explores the need for Cloud server backup, the working mechanism of cloud server backups, and popular cloud server backup providers with their salient features.

1.What is a Cloud Server Backup?
2. Why do we need cloud server backup?
3.How does Cloud backup Works?
5.Top 5 cloud backup service providers
7. About CloudThat

What is a Cloud Server Backup?

A Cloud Server helps in backing up a copy of a physical or virtual or database to a server in a secondary, off-site location.

Why do we need cloud server backup?

Consider an organization that holds all its data in on-premises infrastructure. Unfortunately, data in the destroyed facility may be because of natural disasters or technical issues; this can lead to a considerable loss and impact company growth. As a result, the company must migrate its facility to some other locality may be challenging.

So, to overcome such scenarios, we can utilize a strategy known as Cloud backupCloud backup, also known as remote backup or online backup, is a strategy for sending a copy of a physical or virtual file or database to a secondary, off-site location for preservation in case of equipment failure or catastrophe.

In this context, Cloud Server comes into the picture, which helps achieve cloud backup, which can help bolster an organization’s data protection strategy without increasing the workload of information technology (IT) staff and recovering the data in case of loss.

Advantages of using Cloud Server Backup

How does Cloud backup Works?

Cloud backup works by copying the data at the production environment and storing it in a remote or cloud storage for future needs. Many organizations usually use cloud backup solutions due to their high flexibility, easy deployment, and on-demand scalability.

Steps involved while cloud backup is done using cloud backup solutions are:

  1. First, purchase a cloud backup service.
  2. Install the required software in your IT system.
  3. Then, select the data, files, or folders for backing up.

That is, it, easily the data is backup, secured and can be restored anywhere anytime.

The service provider also provides the facility of scheduling the backup so that no need to worry about backup the data manually.

So, coming to the point of who these cloud backup service providers are and the top 5 among them.

Top 5 cloud backup service providers

The top cloud backup service providers are as follows:

  1. IDrive personal
  2. Backblaze
  3. Acronis True Image
  4. CrashPlan
  5. SpiderOak One

These providers differ from each other based on some specifications and pricing, which are explained below.


Cloud backup service would be the best practice for data availability, security, and reliability.  Using of this service by the best providers in the market cloud backup solutions is much easier and secure. You have multiple options to choose Cloud backup service based on your customized requirements.

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