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How to Integrate Code Whisperer with VS Code IDE using AWS Builder ID


A general-purpose code generator driven by machine learning, Amazon CodeWhisperer gives you real-time code recommendations. CodeWhisperer dynamically creates code suggestions based on your existing code and comments as you write it. Your customized recommendations might be as small as a single line remark or as large as complete entire functions.

AWS Builder ID

Amazon CodeWhisperer, AWS CodeCatalyst, AWS Training and Certification, and other tools and services are accessible with an AWS Builder ID and a personal profile. Your AWS Builder ID uniquely represents you, unrelated to any login information or data you may already have in other AWS accounts. AWS Builder ID stays with you while you accomplish your career, educational, and personal objectives, just like other personal profiles do.

Any AWS accounts you wish to create or have already are enhanced by your AWS Builder ID. It costs nothing to get an AWS Builder ID. In your AWS accounts, you only pay for the resources you use.

Steps to use Code Whisperer in VS Code IDE by creating an AWS Builder ID Account are as follows:

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Step by Step Approach

  1. Download and Install VS Code using the link VS Code
  2. Visit VS Code IDE.
  3. Install AWS Toolkit Extensions
    Note: AWS Toolkit installation successfully.

    Go to Developer Tools and choose Start under Code Whisperer after restarting your IDE. You will be taken to a drop-down menu.

    Important: Using your personal email, you can register.
    Following registration, you will be prompted to provide AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code access to your data.

    Note: Return to the VS Code IDE and choose Allow when prompted to accept the Code Whisperer’s terms and conditions. AWS Code Whisperer is now accessible for use. Return to the VS Code IDE and choose Allow when prompted to accept the Code Whisperer’s terms and conditions. AWS Code Whisperer is now accessible for use.

  4. Create a Python file to check that code whisperer is now accessible for use.
    Before creating the Python file, make sure that Python is installed.

    Write the comment to get the required code. The code whisperer will suggest the code, and you can use ALT + C to get multiple suggestions and the ESC key to reject the suggestions.

    To proceed with the suggestions, press Tab. Once you press ENTER, the next part of your function will appear.


Code suggestions are produced by Amazon CodeWhisperer, an AI-powered productivity tool for the IDE and command line, based on comments and previously written code. It can be integrated with most of the  IDE by installing the AWS Toolkit and creating an AWS Builder ID account. AWS Cloud9 IDE comes with preconfigured Amazon CodeWhisperer, which does not require setting up an AWS Builder ID Account.

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