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Gartner IaaS Magic Quadrant comparison from 2010 and 2013

I am sure anyone interested in Cloud Computing will have seen the Gartner Iaas Magic Quadrant by this time. What was interesting to me was comparing the 2010 quadrant to 2013 quadrant. Check the quadrants below.



Few things to note:

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WRITTEN BY Bhavesh Goswami

Bhavesh Goswami is the Founder & CEO of CloudThat Technologies. He is a leading expert in the Cloud Computing space with over a decade of experience. He was in the initial development team of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Seattle. and has been working in the Cloud Computing and Big Data fields for over 12 years now. He is a public speaker and has been the Keynote Speaker at the ‘International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics’. He also has authored numerous research papers and patents in various fields.



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  2. Anuj Jain

    Dec 16, 2013


    A good read on the current IaaS players.

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