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VMware’s Unified Approach for Multi-cloud Architecture


Undoubtedly, Cloud is the future and VMware certifications provide the right skills to build, operate and manage the futuristic cloud environments. Most importantly, the future belongs to multi-cloud, and professionals are expected to have key skills of migrating to the cloud without having to re-code apps, and operate seamlessly across the data center, the edge, and any cloud. 

VMware certifications are designed to prepare professionals to seamlessly switch over between prominent public clouds like Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and others. In the future, multi-cloud professionals are expected to hone skills in handling both Virtual Machines (VMs) and Containers as both are bound to co-exist. The expectation from the industry is to have a single shared control plane across VMs, containers, public clouds, and on-premises infrastructures.  

Moreover, today VMware cloud solution simplifies the complexities involved in managing multi-cloud architecture with one management platform. By using VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware cloud on azure and other hyperscalers, VMware Tanzu, VMware Cloud Foundation, and other products migration to different cloud platforms is hassle-free.

VMware’s Multi-Cloud Solution Approach

With VMware, you can build, run, and manage traditional and modern applications on any cloud platform thus helping to realize multi-cloud infrastructure. This is possible because of a single platform that operates across diverse application types and multiple cloud platforms. So, seamless migration from one cloud environment to another is easier.    

VMware supports all major public clouds and helps you to work on any cloud environment like AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, and Dell EMC through its unified platform. Here are the salient features of VMware on AWS, Azure, and Google cloud platforms.

VMware Cloud on AWS 

VMware on aws cloud is built in collaboration between VMware and AWS. It helps you to deliver highly scalable and secure services by moving the on-premises VMware vSphere-based environments to the AWS Cloud on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. 

Advantages of Using VMware on aws cloud 

  • Minimize cost and risk of migration. 
  • Modernize applications with VMware Tanzu services. 
  • Leverage features of one of the best Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). 
  • Improved Total Cost of Ownership.

Azure VMware Solution

Azure VMware Solution helps you to swiftly migrate existing VMware workloads from on-premises infrastructure to Azure without the need to re-architect applications or any retooling operations.  

Benefits of Using Azure VMware Solution 

  • Boost speed and scale with modern and managed Azure infrastructure. 
  • Leverage your existing VMware investments, skills, and tools. 
  • Improve your workloads with the Azure native management, security, and services.

Google Cloud VMware Engine 

Google Cloud VMware Engine helps you execute the VMware platform in Google Cloud. Primarily, it is a managed service. Here Google takes up the responsibility of managing the multi-cloud infrastructure, networking, and management services and you have the responsibility to efficiently manage the VMware platform. 

Advantages of Google Cloud VMware Engine 

  • Gain Insights by transforming the information with Google Cloud Services. 
  • Secure the Networks at 99.99% uptime using VMware and Google tools. 
  • Save time and money during Cloud adoption.

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