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Accelerate Your Reinforcement Learning Skills with AWS DeepRacer

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In today’s era of rapid technological advancement, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are revolutionizing various industries. One fascinating application of ML is in autonomous driving, which promises safer, more efficient transportation systems. AWS DeepRacer is at the forefront of this innovation, offering a unique platform for enthusiasts and professionals to dive into the world of reinforcement learning (RL) and train autonomous vehicles in a simulated environment.

Reinforcement Learning is a Machine Learning subcategory that focuses on training an agent to accomplish a specific objective through feedback. This feedback is garnered as rewards the agent obtains for its actions within an environment. Unproductive actions yield low or no rewards, while beneficial actions lead to higher rewards.

AWS DeepRacer

The AWS DeepRacer car is a small, self-driving vehicle crafted to evaluate reinforcement learning (RL) models through racing on a tangible racetrack. It observes the track by utilizing onboard cameras while reinforcement learning algorithms dictate its maneuvers.

Individuals can use training models without owning a physical car on the AWS DeepRacer console available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Instead, it simulates both the DeepRacer car (agent) and the racetrack environment, providing a model development and refinement platform.

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Important Features and Advantages

  1. Simulated Environment: AWS DeepRacer provides a simulated environment called AWS RoboMaker, where users can train their models without needing physical hardware. This allows for rapid experimentation and iteration.
  2. Reward Function Customization: Users can define custom reward functions to incentivize desired behavior in their models. This flexibility allows tailoring the learning process to specific use cases and environments.
  3. Community Engagement: AWS DeepRacer has a vibrant online community where enthusiasts can share models, tips, and best practices. This collaborative environment fosters learning and innovation.
  4. Integration with AWS Services: AWS DeepRacer seamlessly integrates with other AWS services, such as Amazon SageMaker for model training and AWS Lambda for deploying models to physical cars.

How AWS DeepRacer Works with a Real-World Example

To navigate the world of reinforcement learning, we need to understand some of these key terms:


Fig: This Image illustrates this learning process.

(image is from AWS official Document)

  • In AWS DeepRacer, the “agent” is like the brain of the car controlling its moves through a neural network. The car’s job is to complete laps around a track.
  • The “environment” is the simulated racetrack where the car operates. It’s like the playground where the car moves around. The car learns by exploring this track and gathering data.
  • The “state” is where the car is captured by its front-facing camera at a given moment on the track.
  • “Action” is what the car does at each state to reach its goal. For example, it can slow down, turn left, or keep going straight as it approaches a turn.
  • “Reward” is like a score the car gets for each action. This feedback helps it learn. In AWS DeepRacer, users can define how this scoring works through a function.
  • An “episode” is a trial run, starting from the car’s initial position until it finishes a lap, hits an obstacle, or goes off the track. It’s like one round of practice for the car.


Imagine you’re teaching a self-driving car (the agent) to navigate through a busy city to deliver packages. The car serves as the agent, equipped with sensors and neural networks. The bustling city streets form the environment, replete with traffic, pedestrians, and obstacles. Its state comprises real-time factors like nearby vehicles and traffic signals, influencing actions such as accelerating, braking, and lane changes. Feedback, or rewards, evaluates its success, with safe deliveries yielding high rewards and accidents resulting in low or negative rewards. Each trip from departure to delivery forms an episode, beginning with departure and ending upon arrival or encountering termination conditions like accidents. The car refines its skills through repeated episodes, mirroring AWS DeepRacer’s learning process on a racetrack.


AWS DeepRacer offers an exciting opportunity for enthusiasts and professionals to explore the fascinating world of reinforcement learning and autonomous driving.

AWS DeepRacer provides a valuable learning, experimentation, and innovation platform with its simulated environment, customizable reward functions, and vibrant community. While challenges such as the learning curve and hardware limitations exist, the potential for advancements in autonomous technology makes DeepRacer a compelling tool for driving into the future.

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1. How is AWS DeepRacer priced?

ANS: – Pricing for AWS DeepRacer includes charges for the compute resources used during training and simulation and any additional services or features utilized. Users can choose from pay-as-you-go pricing or opt for reserved instances for cost savings.

2. Are there any free tiers or trial periods available for AWS DeepRacer?

ANS: – AWS occasionally offers free tiers or trial periods for AWS DeepRacer, allowing users to explore the platform and its features without incurring charges. However, the availability of these offers may vary over time.

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