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Improved User Authentication with Social Google Sign-In on AWS Cognito


In today’s digital landscape, providing seamless authentication experiences is crucial for user engagement and retention. Social sign-in allows users to access applications using the prevailing credentials from popular social media platforms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. AWS Cognito offers a robust solution for implementing social sign-in, providing developers with the tools to integrate social identity providers into their applications securely.

With AWS Cognito, developers can easily configure federated identity providers, enabling users to sign in using their preferred social accounts. This not only simplifies the authentication process for users but also enhances security by leveraging trusted identity providers. By integrating social sign-in with AWS Cognito, developers can focus on building core application functionality while offloading authentication responsibilities to a managed service.

In this guide, we’ll explore the steps involved in setting up social sign-in with AWS Cognito, covering key concepts such as:

Create a Cognito User Pool

  • Log in to the AWS Management Console.
  • Go to the Amazon Cognito service.
  • Click on “User Pools” and then “Create a user pool.”
  • Configure your user pool settings, ensuring that you enable Federated identity providers and select Google as a federated identity provider.

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Set Up Google Developer Project

  • Go to “APIs & Services” > “OAuth Consent Screen“>” Select User Type as External and Click Create.

  • Go to Credentials and then Create OAuth client credentials, selecting “Web application.

  • Add the authorized redirect URIs, including the Cognito-hosted UI endpoint.
  • Note down the generated Client ID and Client Secret.

Configure Google as a Federated Identity Provider

  • Within your Cognito User Pool settings, navigate to “Federation” > “Identity Providers” > “Google.
  • Fill in the Google client ID and client secret obtained earlier.

  • Configure any additional settings as required.

Set Up the App Client

  • In your Cognito User Pool settings, go to “App integration” > “App client settings.”
  • Create an app client or use an existing one.
  • Enable the desired identity providers, including Google.

Integrate Authentication into Your Application

  • Utilize the AWS Amplify library or AWS SDK for JavaScript for integration.
  • Configure the library with your Cognito User Pool details and client ID.
  • Implement methods for initiating Google Sign-In.
  • Handle authentication callback from Google and exchange authorization code for Cognito tokens.


  • Thoroughly test the integration to ensure functionality.
  • Verify users can sign in using their Google accounts and access your application.

  • Once the User signs in using the google, the User should be visible in the Cognito User Pool.

  • Deploy application changes to your hosting environment.
  • Monitor authentication events and user activity in Cognito User Pool through AWS Management Console or programmatically via AWS SDK.


leveraging AWS Cognito for social sign-in provides developers with a reliable and efficient way to integrate authentication from popular social media platforms into their applications. By following the outlined steps, developers can seamlessly implement social sign-in, enhancing user experience and simplifying the authentication process. AWS Cognito’s robust infrastructure ensures both security and scalability, allowing developers to focus on building core application features while providing users with a frictionless authentication experience.

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