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How to Develop and Retain Top Talent with Employee Training Programs?


Why is it difficult to recruit and retain top talent? We have analyzed the underlying issues and found some effective strategies to retain collective talent. Let’s explore it in this blog.

The most common reason a person joins or leaves an organization is career development or a lack of it thereof. And because of this, providing real learning and development opportunities – which facilitates employees’ career growth – becomes a key part of attracting and retaining top talent.

According to Employ Inc.’s 2022 Job Seeker Nation Report, more than 26% of employees want more L&D opportunities from employers but only 24% were receiving them. Another survey published on Lorman Educational Services’ website reveals that:

Most employees (74%) feel that they are not realizing their full potential in their workplace due to limited growth opportunities

A majority of millennials (76%) consider professional development as a crucial part of a company’s culture

A large portion of employees (76%) find a company more attractive if it provides training to enhance their skills

This blog post explores the benefits of providing training and professional development opportunities to employees, in terms of attracting and retaining top talent. It also offers advice on how to offer executive leadership training and digital learning programs.

How to attract top talent with learning programs?

To attract the best talent, your organization should be a place where people are given opportunities to learn new skills, take on new challenges, and advance their careers. And the candidates should know about it.   

  • Write compelling job descriptions   

Job descriptions are not just about explaining an opening at your organization or sharing a sample list of employees’ responsibilities. It is also a means of highlighting how a new hire will learn, grow, and make an impact. Follow a tone and structure that excites job seekers about how they can grow with your company.   

  •   Highlight career transformation stories on LinkedIn  

Employees are the greatest custodians of your business and the most credible testimonial of your work culture. Ask them to describe how they transformed their careers with your L&D programs and share it on your company’s LinkedIn page and website as testimonials.   

  • Emphasize the goals and mission of your training programs   

Use your careers webpage and LinkedIn page to emphasize that your organization is invested in training and development. State the mission, means, and goals of your learning programs very clearly. Let your potential employees know the tools and technologies you leverage to help them grow

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  • AIML & IoT
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How to develop top talent with learning programs?

The next-gen workforce is particularly eager to grow their careers. Be a place where they can accomplish that. Give them opportunities to become the professionals they want to be.  

  •   Create a safe space to make mistakes and learn  

Let your employees know that it is alright to make mistakes and fail on their journey to growth. Motivate them to learn new skills, try new things, and celebrate their success and failure equally and optimistically.  

  •   Make on-demand learning available  

Let employees choose the skills they want to learn and develop their learning plans. Once that is done, offer personalized opportunities like social learning experiences, mentorships, and on-demand microlearning resources.  

CloudThat’s Capability Development Framework offers personalized learning solutions to develop a cloud-competent workforce within 1 to 60 days. With this program, you can transform your employees into your most productive assets and ensure they are not jumping ships.  

  •   Have regular one-on-one check-ins  

Encourage regular check-ins by managers with their direct reports. These meetings allow employees to get guidance and advice to stay on track as well as make room for collaborative work culture.  


How to retain top talent with learning programs?

Empowering employees with learning and skill-building opportunities in an inspiring company culture keep them happy and engaged. And happy employees stick to your brand and attract more top talent to your business.   

  •   Highlight internal growth opportunities   

Use internal job boards where employees can view and apply for new job openings. Such centralized portals establish transparency in a company’s culture. You can also use them to share transfer and promotion rates.  

  • Build clear employee career paths  

Make sure your team knows the clear path for internal promotions. You can create and share the promotion paths early on and enlist learning programs to support employees on the journey.  

  • Recognize and reward growth   

Use attractive incentives – like gifts, bonuses, vouchers, and retreats – to motivate employees to continue learning. You can also call out your teammates when any employee accomplishes a new skill set as a means of public recognition.   

Tips to cultivate a transformative work culture

  • Organize 30–45-minute lunch-and-learn sessions that explore topics like embracing change, teamwork, and managing personnel  
  • Allocate 45 minutes for employees to sit together and overview how to set and manage their learning objectives  
  • Distribute printed materials like flyers detailing how employees can participate in your learning program 
  • Share content on your intranet or internal LinkedIn groups on how learning impacts your organization.

How we ensure top talent retention at CloudThat?

We understand that the secret of attracting and retaining top talent is to invest in employees’ career transformation. Our employee learning programs provide companies with a competitive advantage by attracting, engaging, and retaining talent.  

We offer well-structured and goal-oriented learning solutions customized in accordance with their business objectives. Our programs include skill evaluations, personalized training, customized programs, need-based sessions, hands-on lab experience, post-training support, and much more. Our clientele includes some prominent names from Fortune 500 companies including Deloitte, HCL, and KPMG. 

Looking for growth-oriented training sessions to retain top talent? Contact us today!

Get your new hires billable within 1-60 days. Experience our Capability Development Framework today.

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