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Partner with CloudThat and Fast-track Migration with AWS Migration Accelerator Program (MAP)


Business leaders across the globe have understood that migrating to the cloud is the best way to accelerate the business and achieve digital transformation. Cloud migrations are tremendously popular among various industry domains to enhance agility, tighten the security of data and applications, foster better collaboration, and significantly improve customer experience.

Migration to the cloud can be stressful for companies as a lack of expertise in this area can significantly impact the business. Hence partnering with a cloud vendor to fulfill your migration needs can save time, resources, and cost. Organizations migrating to the cloud can collaborate with AWS expert partners and avail of the services easily.

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Introduction to AWS MAP

Amazon Web Services is a cloud hyperscaler that has captured the cloud market and has experience migrating thousands of enterprise customers’ workloads to the cloud. As larger organizations with legacy systems have complex migration requirements, AWS provides a comprehensive cloud migration program called AWS Migration Accelerator Program (AWS MAP) that accelerates the migration and modernization journey with a proven, outcome-driven methodology.

AWS MAP has three phases in the migration process to help enterprise customers build strategies to migrate any number of applications.


  • Phase 1: Assess

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program’s first phase assesses the customer’s baseline workload capabilities using various tools such as the Migration Portfolio Assessment tool, Migration Evaluator, rapid discovery process with TCO analysis, and many more. The ‘assess’ phase builds a detailed roadmap of the customer’s cloud journey and a solid migration business case.

  • Phase 2: Mobilize

The ‘mobilize’ phase involved preparation for the migration to AWS. The focus is on the discovery, planning the migration tasks, and building the capabilities for the organization and the AWS environment. Migration in the ‘mobilize’ phase is an iterative process and involves developing new skills, tools, and capabilities. With this approach, businesses can benefit by defining and automating the security aspects, establishing a cloud operating model, improve IT skills and competency for organizational transformation and migration.

  • Phase 3: Migrate & Modernize

The Migrate phase consists of the building blocks, tools, resources, processes, and methodologies defined during the readiness and planning phase. After a well-documented migration plan is devised, the execution of the migration plan is critical to the business and achieving the business case upon which the migration was planned. AWS Partner will perform the assessment, find the right funding program, and ensure that our customers avail the best possible customer experience during their migration to AWS.

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Why should companies opt for MAP?

AWS MAP provides a comprehensive set of tools and resources for customers to migrate their workloads to AWS. There are built-in processes to carry out the tasks of workload migration in a structured manner. AWS provides end-to-end support to the migration partner to help them migrate the enterprise customers.

Customers can optimize their workloads during migration rather than lift and shift to the cloud. Thus, migration of workloads can also include modernization by analyzing the customer’s workloads. With automation, the migration processes faster with less human error, thus leading to a successful and reliable migration.

Ultimately, AWS MAP helps customers to save time and money for their migration needs to AWS. The migration tools are designed to fast-track the process with reduced business disruption.

Funding programs vary depending on each customer. However, the actual AWS funding kicks in the Migrate phase, and AWS grants up to 25% of the projected first-year Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) to fire up the migration.


The AWS Migration Accelerator Program (MAP) is a powerful tool that can help businesses fast-track their migration to the cloud. With its three phases – readiness, mobilization, and migration – MAP offers a comprehensive solution for companies seeking a smooth and efficient migration process. By partnering with CloudThat, businesses can take advantage of this program and benefit from its many advantages, including reduced downtime, increased security, and improved scalability. With AWS MAP, companies can achieve their cloud migration goals quickly and easily, making it an attractive option for business leaders looking to streamline their operations and stay ahead of the competition.

Partnering with CloudThat and utilizing the AWS Migration Accelerator Program (MAP) can significantly benefit companies looking to fast-track their migration to the cloud. With its three phases and various benefits, MAP offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking a smooth and efficient migration process.

By working with CloudThat, companies can easily take advantage of this powerful tool and achieve their cloud migration goals.

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About CloudThat

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1. What are the tools used for AWS Migration?

ANS: – AWS Migration Hub, AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool (CART), AWS Marketplace, TSO Logic, AWS Migration Acceleration Program, and AWS Migration Portfolio Assessment tool.

2. What is the cost of the AWS Migration Accelerator Program?

ANS: – The cost of AWS MAP varies depending on the size and complexity of the migration project. It is best to contact CloudThat’s Migration team for a customized quote based on your specific needs.

3. How long does it take to complete a migration project using AWS MAP?

ANS: – The duration of a migration project using AWS MAP depends on various factors, such as the size and complexity of the workload, the number of applications being migrated, and the level of customization required. However, AWS MAP is designed to help businesses fast-track their migration process. So it typically takes less time than traditional migration methods.

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