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What’s New at AWS? Live From re:Invent 2022 – Day 2


AWS has been a leading cloud computing provider for about one and a half decades. In fact, AWS has been a pioneer with the 1st position on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the last 12 consecutive years. Every year AWS does a yearly conclave – AWS re:Invent – to touch base with the Cloud Computing industry and more importantly to announce how AWS is keeping up to speed by launching path-breaking services.

We at CloudThat, have been at par with the same with our path-breaking learning capabilities. Following the company’s ethos of relentless learning, I want to keep you guys posted on what is happening at AWS re:Invent 2022.

Day 1 in a brief

Day 1 at AWS re: invent 2022 was exciting with insightful sessions and path-breaking releases.

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What’s New Day 1: What’s New at AWS? Live From re:Invent 2022 – Day 1 – CloudThat Resources

Check out the live feed at: CloudThat (@cloudthat) • Instagram photos and videos


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From the Desk of Adam Selipsky, CEO AWS

With many more keynotes and sessions planned today Let us be ready with an overwhelming Day 2.

and day 2 is are live with Adam Selipsky, CEO AWS

Amazon Open Search Serverless (preview)

Finally, the wait is over, the only server-ed service in the analytics spectrum is now ServerLess. Amazon OpenSearch Service is a managed service that makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale OpenSearch clusters in the AWS Cloud. Now the power of the Elastic search is made serverless. This will allow us to provision and use the service on the go and pay for what we use. Read more

Amazon Aroura Zero ETL integration with Redshift

To enable near real-time analytics and machine learning (ML), Amazon Aurora now supports zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift on petabytes of transactional data from Aurora. Read More

Amazon Redshift Integration with Apache Spark

Amazon EMR announces Amazon Redshift integration with Apache Spark. This integration helps data engineers build and run Spark applications that can consume and write data from an Amazon Redshift cluster. Starting with Amazon EMR 6.9, this integration is available across all three deployment models for EMR – EC2, EKS, and Serverless. Read More

Amazon DataZone

Amazon DataZone unlocks data across organizational boundaries with built-in governance. To share, search, and discover data at scale across organizational boundaries use Amazon DataZone. To collaborate on data projects through a unified data analytics portal which provides a personalized view of all your data while enforcing your governance and compliance policies. Read More

Amazon QuickSights Operational Paginated Reports

To capture detailed operational data in custom formats to facilitate critical and day-to-day business processes, Amazon Quicksight announces Paginated Reports. Paginated Reports will allow to schedule, create, and sharing the highly formatted multipage reports and schedule data exports at scale using the Quicksight serverless architecture and straightforward interface. Read More

ML Powered – Amazon Quicksights forecasting with Q

Amazon Quicksight announces the support for two new question types which basically simplify and will scale complex analytical workloads using natural language. To see the future trajectories for up to 3 measures simultaneously, business users type “forecast”. With this new update business, users will be enabled to instantly get insights which were previously only accessible by enlisting the help of trained analytics. Read More

Container Threat Detection for Amazon Guardduty

Amazon GuardDuty now protects Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service clusters.Detects threats running inside your containers identity attempts to access host mode integrated with Amazon  EKS. Read More

Amazon Security Lake

The purpose-built service Amazon Security Lake automatically consolidates an organization’s security data from the cloud and on-premises sources into a dedicated data lake stored in your account. The lifecycle of security data is managed centrally by Amazon Security Lake, which also automates storage tiering and normalizes data from integrated AWS services as well as third-party services. Read More

Inf2 for Inference Computing

Now predict with 4 times higher throughput and 1/10th the latency. Read More

Hpc6id for enhanced high-performance Computing

Best Drive Performance Computing data and memory intensive instance type which is built for high-performance computing. It is powered by the latest 3rd gen Intel Xenon Scalable Processors it can run itself on 3.5 GHz and can manage 1024 GiB of RAM, Store data for 15 TB in SSD and 200 Gbps of speed with an Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA). Read More

AWS SimSpace Weaver

Amazon has announced a new computing service to run real-time spatial simulations in the cloud and at scale. Simulations developers are no longer limited by the computing and memory of their hardware, with Simspace Weaver. Read More

Amazon Connect Contact Lens

Contact Lens conversational analytics capabilities analyze conversations in real-time using natural language processing (NLP) and speech-to-text analytics. Today, Contact Lens adds conversational analytics capabilities for Amazon Connect Chat, extending the ML-powered analytics to better assess chat contacts with agents and the Amazon Lex bot. Read More

Amazon Connect ML-Driven Forecasting and Scheduling

Amazon has announced the general availability of Amazon Connect forecasting, capacity planning and scheduling a new set of ML-powered capabilities that makes it easier for contacting the centre managers to accurately predict the customer service workloads, determine ideal staffing levels, and schedule agents accordingly and ensure agents are performing their duties as scheduled. Read More

Amazon Connect Agent Workspace

You can now also use Amazon Connect’s no-code, drag-and-drop interface to create custom workflows and step-by-step guides for your agents. You can specify in your contact flows under which condition a guide is shown to an agent. Once the agent selects the guide, the Amazon Connect agent workspace provides the information and one-click actions across both Amazon Connect and third-party applications that agents can use to resolve the customer issue.  Read More

Amazon Supply Chain

Amazon has announced AWS Supply Chain which is a cloud-based application that unifies the data, provides ML-powered actionable insights and offers built-in contextual collaboration. This service can help you connect to your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management systems, without requiring re-platforming, upfront licensing fees, or long-term commitments. Read More

AWS Clean Room

AWS Clean Rooms will help in creating your own clean room, add participants to it, and start collaborating in just a few clicks. It also helps you to secure the match, analyze, and collaborate on their combined datasets without even having the need to share or reveal the underlying dataset. Read More

Amazon Omics

The purpose-built service Amazon Security Lake automatically consolidates an organization’s security data from the cloud and on-premises sources into a dedicated data lake stored in your account. The lifecycle of security data is managed centrally by Amazon Security Lake, which also automates storage tiering and normalizes data from integrated AWS services as well as third-party services.Read More

Just Walk Out

Remember Amazon Go??  Well, it is now available for all businesses with Just Walk Out. Using Just Walk Out technology lets the shoppers enter a store, grab what they want, and get going. It helps revenue and reduces costs with new insights on how products are considered, picked up, returned to the shelf, and purchased across all your Just Walk Out stores.

AWS Storage Innovations at exabyte scale

The Session by Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec, VP of AWS Foundational data service, started with some fundamentals on Storage and then skyrocketed into a series of releases.

Elastic Throughput on Amazon EFS

A new EFS Elastic throughput on Amazon EFS is introduced. This is designed to automatically deliver the throughput performance that applications need. There is no need to specify or provision performance. It helps unpredictable workloads with spikey performance requirements that are hard to forecast.

Amazon introduced Elastic Throughput on Amazon EFS to eliminate performance planning and optimized costs. It works by lowering latencies on Amazon EFS by up to 60%. Improve application performance using Amazon EFS.

Read More

Amazon FSX Upgrades

1) NetApp ONTAP
Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP provides fully managed shared storage in the AWS Cloud with the popular data access and management capabilities of ONTAP.
Now It provides 2x SSD throughout: 2gb/s -> 4gb/s and 2x SSD IOPs: 80K-> 160k

2)Windows File Server
Amazon FSx for Windows File Server provides fully managed shared storage built on Windows Server and delivers a wide range of data access, data management, and administrative capabilities.
Now New performance metrics and enhanced monitoring dashboard

3)ZFS or Linux-based file System

Now It provide 2x SSD throughput: 4GB/s -> 10 GB/s and 2x SSD IOps: 160k -> 350K

Amazon S3 Glacier – 10x Restore Throughput increase

When retrieving large amounts of archived data, Amazon S3 Glacier increases restore throughput by up to ten times. All standard and bulk retrievals from the Amazon S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage classes will benefit from the increased throughput, which is available at no additional cost. Applications can now process archived data more quickly, thanks to increased restore throughput. Read More

Amazon S3 Cross Account Access Points

Simplify managing large-scale data access for applications such as data lakes by using shared datasets in S3. Access points use policies to grant access to Amazon S3. Unlike bucket policies, they only support certain S3 actions for security reasons. You no longer have to worry about frequently editing bucket policies or creating huge bucket policies when you need to allow access from different accounts. Read More

Amazon Redshift Streaming

You can directly ingest streaming data into your data warehouse Amazon Redshift from Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and MSK. Helps to create and manage ELT pipelines and perform rich analytics using familiar SQL. Read More

Amazon S3 Storage Lens upgrade

Amazon S3 Storage lens has added 34 new metrics for enhanced cloud storage analytics. It provides a single view of S3 usage and activity. The top benefits of the AWS S3 Storage lens are cost optimization, data protection, access control, and increased performance.

Amazon S3 Multi-Region Access Point failover control

Amazon S3 Multi-Region Access Point Failover Control gives users a global endpoint that spans S3 buckets in multiple AWS Regions. It controls the multi-region access points’ failover. With these controls, users can easily test and build highly available applications for business continuity by shifting S3 data access request traffic that is routed through an Amazon S3 Multi-Region Access Point to a different AWS Region within minutes. Read more.

Amazon SNS Message Data Protection
Amazon CloudWatch Logs Data Protection

Developers try to prevent logging sensitive information, yet sometimes, it gets logged. Enabling Amazon CloudWatch Logs data protection to detect and mask sensitive log data.  Developers can now leverage pattern matching and machine learning (ML) to protect sensitive log data in transit. Users who want to build payment or authentication services where sensitive information may be collected can use this new feature to detect and mask sensitive information when logging in. An application with payment or authentication services where personal and sensitive information may be captured can use this new feature to detect and mask sensitive information as it’s logged.

Read more.

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1. What is AWS re:Invent?

ANS: – AWS re:invent an in-person event that brings together leaders from across the globe to learn about technological advancements in the cloud. The conference hosts over 1500 technical sessions, an Expo, after-hours events, chat sessions, and much more. It is an event filled with innovation, PeerTalks, and networking sessions with the Who’s Who of the cloud computing industry. Read More

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Prarthit Mehta is the Business Unit Head-Cloud Consulting at CloudThat. He is an AWS ambassador and has experience delivering solutions for customers from various industry domains. He also holds working experience in AWS and Big data platforms. He is an AWS Certified Architect - Professional and a certified Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect.



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