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Everything You Need to Know About Google Workspace Administrator Exam

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What is the role of a Google Professional Workspace Administrator?

The Google Workspace Administrator has to translate organizational goals into actual user, material, and integration configurations, policies, and security processes. Google Workspace Administrators use the expertise of their company’s infrastructure to enable individuals to collaborate, communicate, and access data safely and effectively. They leverage tools, computer languages, and APIs to automate tasks while remaining engineering and solution-focused. They explore opportunities to inform users and improve operational effectiveness while promoting Google Workspace and the toolbox.  

Overview of the Professional Workspace Administrator Exam

When considering obtaining a professional-level career, the required expertise and experience come to mind. It’s crucial to have precise abilities and skills before taking any exam. In the same way, the Professional Google Workspace Administrator exam measures your ability for:  

  • Planning and executing Google Workspace access and authorization.  
  • Controlling the lifecycles of users, resources, and shared drives.  
  • Controlling and setting up services for Google Workspace.  
  • Setting up and controlling endpoint access.  
  • Observing how the organization is operating.  
  • Increasing cooperation and usage of Google Workspace.  

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Knowledge required for the exam:

  • To be eligible to take the Professional Google Workspace Administrator test, you must have at least three years of professional experience, including at least one year of administrative experience with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).  
  • You must be skilled at maintaining and developing best practices if you want Google Workspace to be deployed and used inside your company.  
  • Thirdly, you should be familiar with controlling security parameters, limiting service access, and controlling user accounts.  
  • Lastly, you should also be comfortable managing users and groups inside your company’s Cloud Directory and account provisioning, domain settings, domain providers, and account management.  

Go through the Exam Course Outline:

Level up your Preparation with Exam Learning Paths

The learning path leads you through many courses to help you get ready for the Professional Google Workspace Administrator exam. Additionally, this learning path guides you through a hand-picked selection of on-demand classes, labs, and skill badges that give you the hands-on, practical experience with Google Cloud technologies required for the Workspace Admin role. The paths are:  

Google Cloud Hands-on Labs-  

In this beginning lab, you will monitor system Google Cloud by getting hands-on practice using the Cloud Console. You will learn about the main Google Cloud features and the lab environment’s intricacies. Additionally, this lab will teach you the following things:  

  • Recognizing the key components of a lab environment and the platform of the lab   
  • How to access the Cloud Console with unique credentials.  
  • Recognize common misconceptions regarding Google Cloud projects.  
  • Using the Google Cloud Navigation menu, learn to differentiate between different Google Cloud service types.  
  • Examining the Cloud IAM service’s operations that are accessible to specific users.  
  • Consider the API library’s essential elements.  
  • If your learning path asks you to buy credits, contact us, and we will enroll you for free!  

Exploring the additional resources-  

If you can access additional study materials, you will be best prepared to pass the Professional Google Workspace Administrator certification test. However, it would be wise to investigate the following sources:  

Start Taking Practice Exams daily-  

By completing practice exams for the Professional Google Workspace Administrator certification exam, you can identify your areas of weakness and strengthen them to evaluate your performance. You’ll also be able to answer more quickly, saving you time. But it’s ideal to start giving practice exams once you’ve thoroughly studied a topic.  

CloudThat offers a TestPrep environment with specific and core questions for each Google Cloud Certification Path that will help you clear the exam with flying colors. To leverage this benefit, feel free to contact us at 

Sample Exam Question- 

You have been tasked with setting up Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) as the Workspace Administrator to control Google Group memberships from a private LDAP server. Nevertheless, managing membership for many Google Groups requires manual intervention. You observe that these manually maintained groups are deleted when executing the GCDS sync. What should you do to stop the deletion of these groups?  

  1. Change the group deletion policy setting in the GCDS configuration manager to “don’t delete Google groups not found in LDAP.”  
  2. When the GCDS sync is finished, use the Directory API to verify and modify the group’s membership.  
  3. Verify that the base DNs for the user email address attribute and the group email address attribute is the same.  
  4. Set the Google domain users deletion/suspension policy to “remove only active Google domain users not detected in LDAP” in the user attribute settings of the GCDS configuration manager options.  

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