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How can Power BI certification boost your team’s productivity?

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Business today is intuition and data-driven. Intuition helps an organization stay updated by being creative and innovative.  And data helps departments like sales and marketing to research their potential customers’ interests and then engage the best-fitting prospects around.  

However, it is not simple to keep the track of data as businesses need to focus on the changes in the market every minute, the competitor’s next move, and changing preferences of customers.  

But Power BI (Business Intelligence) allows you to connect different data sets and turn them into a data model that can then be used to interpret the past, present, and probable future of the said data by displaying the same as visuals. 

It gives the random unorganized data a new life by making it beautiful, stunning, and visually interactive. 

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a solution associated with business analytics that lets you analyze and visualize the data. This data can then be shared as an insight across your organization or can be a part of your app or website if you embed them. So, in simple words, Power BI can turn your business data into an impact with immediate effect. 

There are three major areas where we can find Power BI the most. These are: 

  1. Connecting the datasets 
  2. Running reports and insights 
  3. Sharing with others

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Why Power BI?

Power BI is well-known for its memory and speed, where data can be collected and analyzed quickly, and integrated seamlessly with:  

  • lots of existing apps on analytics 
  • a vast range of visualizations 
  • personalized dashboard features 
  • an elevated level of data security and accessibility  

How can Power BI certification boost your team’s productivity?

With fast-growing businesses and the changing needs of your organization, it is necessary to have an agile team that is quick in decision-making, reporting, presenting, and handling huge data. This is where PL300, the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst course comes into the picture.  

The course deals with leveraging the available data and applying expertise to deliver actionable insights on time. Power BI helps you ascertain the raw data, transform it, and then design and build the data models. 

With this certification, you can boost your team’s productivity in the following way: 

  • Effective utilization of time 
  • Connect the business data easily from any device at any time. Easily visualize the data from multiple sources on a single dashboard 
  • Adapt the self-service data visualization 
  • Add advanced analytics to the models 
  • Generate quick reports 

For decision-makers in the organization, generating quick reports adds value as it helps them analyze the challenges with the workforce, the team, or the client’s requirements and enables them to suggest corrective measures in time.  

The other benefits include: 

Hassle-free data sharing 

When teams work together, there could be a need to access the same document with multiple people so that they can collaborate easily. In Power BI workspaces, teams can share the ownership and management of their dashboards, reports, datasets, and workbooks with absolutely no hassle. 

The performance evaluation of the team 

Charts and graphs can be used to analyze the performance of employees in an organization. This solves the major problem of the manager manually working with the raw data.  

Quick Insights into action, hence reduced procrastination. 

The Power BI data alerts combined with ample actions available for the Flow, it is easier to go from insight to deep, meaningful action quickly. 


If you are aspiring to be a data analyst who needs to compile huge data every day, make visualizations out of it quickly with utmost ease and share the same to collaborate with your colleagues, then Power BI is for you.  

What are you waiting for??? Register for PL300 with CloudThat today.  


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