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Secure the AWS Environment with the IAM Access Analyser

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Introduction: AWS IAM Access Analyser

AWS IAM Access Analyser is a recently introduced tool by Amazon Web Services that allows users to monitor the accessibility of their AWS resources. With its capability to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities, IAM Access Analyser provides a comprehensive security solution for AWS users, ensuring their resources are secure from unwanted access.

IAM Access Analyser uses a set of predefined rules to evaluate the accessibility of AWS resources, such as Amazon S3 buckets, Amazon DynamoDB tables, and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies. By continuously monitoring these resources, AWS IAM Access Analyser can detect any changes to their accessibility and alert the user of any potential security threats.

Key Features of IAM Access Analyser

  • Identify Public Accessibility: AWS resources are often public due to misconfigured policies or accidental changes, which can lead to data leaks and security breaches. With AWS IAM Access Analyser, users can easily identify public resources and take necessary steps to secure them, thus reducing the risk of data loss.
  • Visual representation of accessible resources: AWS IAM Access Analyser also provides a visual representation of the accessibility of resources, allowing users to understand and navigate their security posture easily. The tool provides a visual graph of the relationships between AWS resources and allows users to see the exact policies that are affecting their accessibility. This visualization makes it easier for users to identify and resolve security threats and helps in reducing the time to detect and respond to security issues.
  • Integration with Amazon CloudWatch Events: AWS IAM Access Analyser can trigger CloudWatch events when it detects changes to the accessibility of resources, allowing users to respond to security threats in real-time. Users can also use AWS CloudTrail to log access analyzer events, which can help to audit and investigate security incidents.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: AWS IAM Access Analyser charges are based on the number of resources evaluated. This makes it a great option for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to secure their AWS resources without breaking the bank. AWS IAM Access Analyser also provides a comprehensive security solution, eliminating the need for additional security tools or services.

In conclusion, AWS IAM Access Analyser is a powerful tool that provides a comprehensive security solution for AWS users. With its ability to identify and alert users of potential security threats, its visual representation of resource accessibility, and its integration with Amazon CloudWatch Events and AWS CloudTrail, AWS IAM Access Analyser provides a cost-effective and efficient way to secure AWS resources. By continuously monitoring resources and alerting users of any changes to their accessibility, AWS IAM Access Analyser helps users maintain a secure and compliant AWS environment.

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Top Benefits of AWS IAM Access Analyser

  1. Automated Security Checks: AWS IAM Access Analyser performs automated security checks on your resources and alerts you when it detects unintended public access to your resources.
  2. Real-time Monitoring: The tool provides real-time monitoring of your AWS environment so that you can stay ahead of potential security threats.
  3. Increased visibility: AWS IAM Access Analyser provides a clear view of the AWS resource level and access permissions to help you quickly identify potential security risks.
  4. Easy Configuration: The tool is easy to set up and configure, allowing you to start monitoring your AWS environment in just a few minutes.
  5. Improved Compliance: By ensuring that your AWS resources are not publicly accessible, AWS IAM Access Analyser helps you improve compliance with security and regulatory requirements.

How to Use AWS IAM Access Analyser

  1. Set up AWS IAM Access Analyser: Start setting up AWS IAM Access Analyser in your AWS environment by defining your organization and creating a new analyzer.
  2. Identify Resources: AWS IAM Access Analyser automatically identifies the AWS resources in your environment and displays the resource-level permissions in the AWS Management Console.
  3. Review Alerts: Review the alerts generated by AWS IAM Access Analyser to determine if any unintended public access is detected.
  4. Take Action: If you find any unintended public access to your AWS resources, you can take action to revoke the permissions and secure your resources.


AWS IAM Access Analyser is a powerful tool that helps organizations secure their AWS resources by identifying unintended public access. Its real-time monitoring and automated security checks provide a clear view of the AWS resource-level permissions and access permissions, helping you quickly identify and prevent potential security risks. Whether looking to improve security and compliance or keep your AWS environment secure, AWS IAM Access Analyser is a must-have tool for any organization using AWS. For more details on AWS IAM Access Analyser, you can leverage the documentation, get in touch for a free consultation here or drop a message and let us converse.

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