Experience the power of serverless computing with AWS Lambda

Say goodbye to server management headaches as you write code in your preferred language. Let AWS Lambda take care of scalability and event-driven execution for you. With our pay-as-you-go pricing model, you only pay for the compute time you actually use. Discover how AWS Lambda can revolutionize your data processing, real-time file handling, IoT events, and microservices.

About AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It enables users to run code without managing servers, reducing infrastructure costs and allowing businesses to focus on delivering value to their customers. AWS Lambda enables the development of event-driven serverless applications that effortlessly scale in response to demand. It supports diverse programming languages and seamless integration with other AWS services. AWS Lambda is a flexible and efficient solution for processing data streams, building microservices, or implementing real-time analytics, providing automatic scaling and high availability

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Modernize Your Applications, Accelerate Growth And Achieve Cost Reduction

With self-service, elastic cloud infrastructure, and agile DevOps processes, you can easily manage your organization’s cloud modernization journey. Our automated capabilities streamline the process and provide a flexible and efficient approach to modernization. Upgrade your IT infrastructure today with our cloud modernization services.

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Industries utilizing AWS Lambda

Various industries have benefited from AWS Lambda. Few listed as below:

Tips to Troubleshoot Problems Connecting Amazon Redshift to Amazon QuickSight

The key benefit of using Amazon Redshift for data visualization is its integration with Amazon QuickSight, a cloud-based business intelligence and data visualization service.

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Cloud Infrastructure simplified with AWS Lambda

Scale limitlessly and save costs with AWS Lambda—achieve code execution without the hassle of server management.

Server-free experience

Run code, not servers, with AWS Lambda. Pay only for what you use, and reduce...

Scaling without limits

AWS Lambda enables automatic scaling of code based on demand, enabling businesses to handle spikes...


AWS Lambda supports multiple programming languages such as Node.js, Python, Java, and C#, making it...

Boost Innovation

AWS Lambda liberates your programming resources by assuming control of infrastructure management, empowering you to...

Faster time to market

AWS Lambda enables businesses to develop and deploy code faster than traditional server-based architectures, accelerating...

Uninterrupted Availability

AWS Lambda executes code in a fault-tolerant and highly available environment, ensuring continuous code availability...

Revitalize your applications for the future

AWS Lambda simplifies the integration of pre-trained machine learning models into your applications using functions....

Streamlined Operations

AWS Lambda eliminates server management and maintenance, freeing up IT teams to prioritize essential tasks.

Why Choose CloudThat as Partner

CloudThat provides a broad range of compute services with exceptional event-driven serverless application with minimal infrastructure management. Our team of AWS experts & budget-friendly services are streamlined for optimal performance, featuring top-of-the-line security, reliability, and rapid operations. We are:

  • AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner
  • AWS Migration Competency Partner
  • AWS Data Analytics Competency Partner
  • AWS DevOps Competency Partner
  • AWS Lambda Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partner
  • AWS Public Sector Partner
  • Amazon EKS Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon DynamoDB Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon API Gateway Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon ECS Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon Public Sector Solution Provider
  • Amazon EC2 Service Delivery Partner

Recent case studies

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Sentiment Analysis and multi-lingual content creation enhances user experience for...

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Digital Media Platform leverages AWS Lambda to enhanced operational efficiency...


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