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Top Amazon AI Specialized Services: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and more – Part 2

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In the previous blog, An Overview of Amazon Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Services – Part 1 we learned about the AWS Machine learning & Artificial services; more preciously in AI, we learned about Core AI services only. The following blog will discuss AWS AI Specialised services. Specialized Services can be considered as already established services for a specific purpose or use cases created for a particular mission.


The above figure depicts the AWS AI Specialized Services division, which is classified into five categories: Healthcare, Industrial, Search, Code + DevOps, and Business Processes.

Brief about AWS AI Specialized Services

a. Healthcare

  • Amazon HealthLakeAmazon HealthLake is a HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) -compliant cloud service that lets clients store, process, query, and analyze their FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources)-formatted data in a standard way.
  • Amazon Comprehend MedicalUsing natural language processing, Amazon Comprehend Medical can detect useful data from unstructured medical literature. Medical conditions, drugs, anatomy, Protected Health Information, test results, and procedures are among the entities detected by Amazon Comprehend Medical in the medical literature.
  • Amazon Transcribe Medical – Amazon Transcribe Medical is an ASR (automatic speech recognition) service for medical practitioners that need to transcribe medical-related speech such as physician-dictated notes, drug safety monitoring, telemedicine appointments, or physician-patient discussions. Transcription of an uploaded file or real-time streaming (through microphone) are both options accessible with Amazon Transcribe Medical (batch).

b. Industrial

  • Amazon MonitronAmazon Monitron is a machine learning-based end-to-end condition monitoring service that detects emerging abnormalities in machinery, allowing you to build a proactive maintenance schedule and minimize lost production due to unscheduled machine downtime. Amazon Monitron features sensors that gather temperature and vibration data, gateways that constantly send information to the AWS Cloud, and an app for system setup, analytics, and alerting while monitoring equipment conditions.
  • Amazon Lookout for Equipment – Machine learning is used by Amazon Lookout for Equipment to detect odd behavior in your equipment and indicate potential issues. An industrial asset is a term used to describe any piece of industrial equipment.
  • Amazon Lookout for VisionAmazon Lookout for Vision can be used to effectively and even at magnitude detect visual faults in industrial products. It employs computer vision to detect missing components in industrial products, vehicle or structure damage, manufacturing line anomalies, and even small faults in silicon wafers—or any other physical object with high quality, such as a missing resistor on a circuit board.

Amazon Kendra – Amazon Kendra is an extremely accurate and sophisticated search engine that uses natural language processing and efficient search algorithms to let your users search both unstructured and structured material. It gives users an experience of dealing with a person expert by returning detailed responses to questions. It’s scalable and able to meet performance requirements, and it’s deeply connected with other Amazon services like S3 and Lex. It even has enterprise-grade security.

d. Code + DevOps

  • Amazon CodeGuru – Amazon CodeGuru is a developer’s tool that makes intelligent recommendations for improving the quality of the code and finding the most significant lines of code in an application. The Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer and Amazon CodeGuru Profiler are the two parts of Amazon CodeGuru.
    Learn how to Reduce Debugging time with Amazon CodeGuru here. 
  • Amazon DevOps Guru – DevOps Guru assists you in identifying anomalies from routine operating patterns, allowing you to spot operational issues before they affect your clients. DevOps Guru identifies anomalous application behavior (for example, increased latency, error rates, resource constraints, and others) and helps surface critical issues that could cause blackouts or service disruptions using machine learning models. When DevOps Guru detects a major issue, it generates an alert that includes a list of related anomalies and the most likely root cause. When possible, DevOps Guru also offers suggestions about how to resolve the problem.
    Take a look at the 
    Introduction to Amazon DevOps Guru and Proof of Concept here. 

e. Business Processes

  • Amazon PersonalizeAmazon Personalize is a fully managed machine learning service that enables developers to provide their users with customized experiences. It highlights Amazon’s expertise in developing customization technologies. You may use Amazon Personalize to provide recommendations for users based on their interests and activities in a range of settings.
  • Amazon Fraud DetectorAmazon Fraud Detector is a highly scalable fraud detection service that automatically detects potentially fraudulent internet activity. Unauthorized transactions and the creation of bogus accounts are examples of these acts. You can use Amazon Fraud Detector to create customized fraud-detection models, add analysis to interpret the model’s fraud ratings, and assign outcomes to each suspected fraud review, such as allowing or sending for inspection. You do not require machine learning knowledge to detect fraudulent actions with Amazon Fraud Detector.
  • Amazon ForecastAmazon Forecast is a premium service that generates extremely accurate time-series predictions using statistical and machine learning techniques. Amazon Forecast may be used to forecast domain-specific metrics.
  • Amazon Lookout for MetricsAmazon Lookout for Metrics is a solution that identifies anomalies in your data, identifies their causes, and allows you to act immediately. You configure detectors in Lookout for Metrics that monitor data for irregularities.

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Final Thoughts

AI Specialized services can be used for a specific purpose without being an expert in that domain. These services are highly evaluated on Amazon’s personal use cases for particular tasks like recommendation, fraud detection, monitoring, etc. They are also accepted and used by many numbers of companies for service-specific work. 20+ years of Amazon’s expertise have been used for developing & evaluating these services.

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1. What is the difference between AWS AI Core and Specialized services?

ANS: – Core Services are considered all-purpose services that any industry can use for any application. Specialized services have already been established in their purpose or use case, which was created for a specific mission

2. What does HIPAA & FHIR stand for in Amazon HealthLake?

ANS: – The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and its rules create requirements for the use, sharing, and preservation of individually identifiable health information in the United States. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is a data format and element standard, as well as an application programming interface (API) for exchanging electronic health records.

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