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Bridging Quantum Computing and Security with Amazon Braket


In the fast-evolving landscape of quantum computing, ensuring the highest standards of security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy is paramount. This commitment to excellence is reaffirmed with Amazon Braket, AWS’s cutting-edge quantum computing service, which has now been seamlessly integrated into the latest AWS System and Organization Controls (SOC-2) report. As of May 15, 2023, this significant development marks a pivotal moment for Amazon Braket and its users.


Named after the famous quantum notation “Braket” introduced by Paul Dirac, AWS Braket is a fully managed service provided by Amazon. It offers customers a versatile and technology-agnostic environment to design, develop, test, and run quantum algorithms. This service is designed to accommodate both newcomers and experts in the quantum computing space, providing them with the tools they need to harness the power of quantum mechanics in their computations.

In a world where technological advancements redefine our capabilities, quantum computing is one of the most promising frontiers. Amazon Braket, AWS’s revolutionary quantum computing service, has taken a quantum leap in its commitment to security and compliance. This article delves into the significance of Amazon Braket’s inclusion in the AWS SOC-2 report and sheds light on the collaborative efforts that drive quantum security to new heights.

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Amazon Braket

Amazon has entered the realm of quantum computing with its new offering, Amazon Braket. This comprehensive quantum service partners with leading companies like D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti to create a platform for designing, testing, and running quantum algorithms on different quantum hardware technologies. Named after “braket notation,” Amazon Braket showcases Amazon’s commitment to advancing quantum innovation and making it accessible to all.

Amazon Braket opens the door to various quantum hardware provided by different companies. Users can develop and run their quantum algorithms on diverse quantum hardware options.

Notably, Amazon Braket supports three types of quantum hardware:

  1. Superconducting Qubits,
  2. IonQ’s Gated Ion Quantum Computer, and
  3. Quantum Annealers.

Superconducting qubits are widely used in quantum technology for their advantages, like easy coupling, electronic control, and fast gates. They hold great promise for quantum computing. IonQ offers an 11-qubit gated ion quantum computer. This hardware traps individual ions using electromagnetic fields, employing laser pulses for gate operations—a unique method in quantum computation.

It’s important to recognize that quantum annealers and gate-based machines are distinct, making direct qubit-to-qubit comparisons irrelevant. Quantum annealers excel in solving optimization problems by identifying the lowest-energy state of a physical system. Amazon Braket follows a pricing structure that includes task and shot fees. Customers can also pay an hourly rate using Amazon Braket’s quantum simulator. Each task corresponds to a repeated shot (run) based on the same circuit design or annealing problem. Different hardware providers like D-Wave, Rigetti, and IonQ have their pricing tiers.

While Amazon Braket is a leading quantum cloud service, other players exist. IBM provides access to a fleet of superconducting quantum computers, emphasizing accessibility and educational resources. Though in a limited version, Microsoft’s Azure Quantum offers cloud services combining trapped ion technologies and superconducting hardware.

Quantum volume, a vital metric for gate-based quantum computers, considers factors like qubit count, connectivity, gate, and measurement errors. Amazon Braket’s quantum cloud computing makes quantum capabilities globally accessible. Students, researchers, and professionals can now engage with quantum computing, preparing for a future where quantum applications could become integral to our lives.

Amazon Braket Added to AWS SOC-2 Security for Enhanced Confidence

Amazon Braket, the quantum computing service by AWS, is now part of the latest AWS SOC-2 report released on May 15, 2023, marking the first external audit validation of Amazon Braket’s security controls. Ensuring security is AWS’s top priority, and safeguarding customer data holds greater importance than anything else.

AWS users require assurance of the security, privacy, and confidentiality of their services. Amazon Braket is subjected to the same rigorous security and operational standards as all other AWS services. AWS is dedicated to providing security, privacy, and data protection and removing barriers that could obstruct the adoption of this emerging technology.

AWS Security and Compliance

  • The AWS SOC reports provide information about how AWS keeps things secure and follows important rules for security, availability, privacy, and confidentiality set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
  • AWS protects the AWS Cloud while users are responsible for keeping their stuff safe on these computers.
  • For Amazon Braket, the responsibility for the special computers used is shared between AWS and the owners of the computers. AWS has its special checks just for these special computers to ensure trustworthiness. These checks are based on the important rules set by AICPA.
  • When AWS gets audited for how it follows the rules, only the parts that AWS fully controls are checked. The special computers used by Amazon Braket are not included in this check. To ensure people can trust Braket, AWS has special checks just for these special computers. These checks are based on the important rules we talked about earlier.
  • The special checks for these computers cover a few important things:
  1. Keeping Things Private: Only necessary information is shared with the special computers, and personal or important data is not given unless the user agrees.
  2. Keeping Things Safe: The special computer owners can only use them for their intended purpose, and the results are kept safe in special storage spaces chosen by the customers.
  3. Being Ready for Problems: AWS and the special computer owners work together to fix sudden problems, such as dangerous computer bugs, securely and act quickly to make things safe again.

Lastly, the people who own these special computers must be checked regularly. This is to ensure they have good computer rules and controls. They also have to do tests to see if anyone can break into their systems. This keeps the network, data, and physical things safe and secure.


Amazon Braket service bridges the present and future of quantum computing by providing access to diverse quantum hardware technologies. The integration of Amazon Braket into the AWS SOC-2 report underlines AWS’s unyielding commitment to security and compliance.

This milestone not only enhances the credibility of Amazon Braket but also signifies a collaborative endeavor to fortify quantum security standards. As quantum computing continues to reshape possibilities, Amazon Braket is a beacon of innovation and security.

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1. What is Amazon Braket?

ANS: – Amazon Braket is AWS’s quantum computing service, offering users access to quantum hardware and facilitating quantum computing experimentation.

2. How does Amazon prioritize security?

ANS: – Security is paramount at AWS, with a “job zero” approach, ensuring the safeguarding of customer data and privacy.

3. What is the shared responsibility model at AWS?

ANS: – AWS and its customers share the responsibility of maintaining security, with AWS protecting the infrastructure and customers controlling their hosted content.

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