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Deliver Secure, Scalable, and Reliable Video Streams Using AWS Media Package


AWS Elemental Media Package (Media Package) could be a just-in-time video packaging and origination service that runs within the AWS Cloud.

With Media Package, you’ll deliver extremely secure, scalable, and reliable video streams to a large kind of playback devices and content delivery networks (CDNs).

Media Package makes it easy to prepare to protect and distribute your streaming video content to a broad range of connected devices, the service can take a single video input from an encoder like AWS elemental media live package it in multiple streaming formats and automatically scale outputs in response to audience demand viewers get a reliably great experience without concern for capacity

Media Package also makes it simple to implement popular DVR features such as start over pause and rewind with comprehensive support for digital rights management, you can trust your content will be protected. media package seamlessly integrates with other AWS media services as a complete set of tools for cloud-based video processing and delivery of all the power of global distribution none of the obstacles.


Just-in-Time Packaging

Just-time packaging is a concept where you take one incoming stream of video and then you dynamically converted it into multiple formats based on the requesting device.

So here in the below image you can see that there is one ladder of the stream coming from the upstream encoder into the packaging solution and in our case here it’s the media package and then the media package dynamically converts or formats that to the requesting device and sends it downstream, so this optimizes your storage efficiency, and it also helps you deliver your content to the wider stream of audience.

Multiple OTT Delivery Formats.

Doesn’t the encoder provide multiple encoded outputs already?

Yes, but that’s not enough. The role of the encoder is to provide streams for all screen sizes based on the network capacity. For example:

  • 4K UHD stream for your big TV set
  • 1080p version for your PC, smartphone, tablet
  • 480p or 720p stream only for an older device
  • Most often the device chooses the best quality based on screen size and available bandwidth which changes over time


  • But you also need to “package” content in a format suitable for the device you want to address:
  • Microsoft PC and Xbox: Smooth Streaming
  • Android: MPEG-DASH (and never Microsoft devices)
  • Apple Macs and OPS devices: HLS
  • Set-top-boxes: various (mostly HLS, but slightly different from Apple)
  • MPEG: convergence around CMAF

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Packaging Workflows

  • Pre-packaging or Static packaging
  • Just In Time Packaging

Media Package Advantages

  • Content Protection:

Just-in-time Encryption

The media package offers the ability to JITE premium content. The media package offers the ability to JITE premium content. The media package is SPEKE enabled and can readily integrate with dozens of top DRM service providers out of the box.

  • Device Coverage:


Media package helps content providers reach a wider audience across multiple devices and technologies.

  • Advanced Video Experience:

Time shifted TV

The media package retains content for up to 14 days. Customers can build start over or catch-up TV, live, live-to-VOD, and streaming capabilities.

  • Scalable and Resilient:

Built-in scalability and reliability

The media package is built for high resiliency and includes built-in auto-scaling and an origin shield

  • Improve Storage Efficiency:


Media package customers pay only for actual content consumed with the ability to request any supported delivery format. Save on multi-format long-trail storage vs static origination

Media Package Live Flow

Live Linear Packaging Workflow


Source: AWS

  • In this and upstream encoder such as AWS elemental media live send an HLS live stream with digest authentication wire WebDAV to media package so media package receives this on the input URL on media package and if there is input redundancy then on that input channel media package would have URLs and it would receive identical HLS streams on both of those input URLs and media package uses on of them as the source content and when that source content on that stream fails media package automatically over to the other input URL and uses that as source content and media package has an output URL and when a request comes media package dynamically goes and packages the content on the requested format and sends it downstream both on the inside and on the other side media package can scale up or down the resources based on the incoming traffic on the video on demand packaging flow this is a typical packaging flow that you see here file based transcoder such as AWS elemental media convert takes an input file and transports it to optimize the storage.
  • In the media package you create an asset and you point it to that content and the media package goes and uses that as the resource content for the file based packaging it has a packaging configuration URL and every packaging configuration URL is associated with a streaming format and an end device makes a request to media package through the packaging configuration URL and media package dynamically packages the content to the requested format at that point and again here on the packaging configuration on the output side media package can scale resources up or down based on the incoming request traffic.

Media Package Pricing Model

Pay as you go with a service that automatically scales with a load

The pricing model for live workflows:

  • Pay for content ingested ($ per GB in)
  • Pay for content consumed, i.e., originated/packages ($ per GB out)

The pricing model for VOD workflows:

  • No charges for content ingested
  • Pay for content consumed, i.e., originated/packaged ($ per GB out)


Media Package makes it easy to prepare, protect and distribute your streaming video content to a broad range of connected devices, media package can scale resources up or down based on the incoming request traffic, and you pay only for actual content consumed with the ability to request any supported delivery format, you can trust your content will be protected.

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1. What is an AWS Media Package?

ANS: – MediaPackage offers a broadcast-grade viewing experience for viewers while allowing you the flexibility to control and protect your content. Additionally, the built-in resiliency and scalability of MediaPackage mean that you have the right number of resources at the right time, with no manual intervention required.

2. What is the AWS Elemental MediaPackage Live API Reference?

ANS: – The AWS Elemental MediaPackage API consists of two main resources: channels and endpoints. A channel is the entry point to AWS Elemental MediaPackage. An endpoint is part of a channel and is the starting point in AWS Elemental MediaPackage. The endpoint is called Origin Endpoint in the REST API.

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