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Achieving AWS DVA C02 Certification Exam in 30 Days


Cracking the AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA) exam in just one month requires dedication, focused study, and efficient use of resources. While it’s an ambitious goal, it’s important to note that individual learning capacities may vary.

There’s no question that AWS certification is very treasured and opens the door to numerous opportunities for system solution architects and admins, developers, and DevOps Engineers. The AWS DVA exam tests your knowledge and skills in various areas, including AWS services, application deployment, security, and troubleshooting. The exam format consists of multiple-choice and multiple-response questions and hands-on exercises in the AWS Management Console.

AWS Developer Associate exam

The AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA) exam is a prestigious certification that validates your expertise in developing and deploying applications on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

While it may seem daunting to prepare for this exam in just one month, with a well-structured study plan and dedication, it is indeed achievable. This blog will provide an overview of the AWS DVA exam, a month-long study plan, and valuable tips to help you succeed.

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Week 1: Understanding AWS Fundamentals and Services

  • Familiarize yourself with the AWS platform, core services, and their functionalities.
  • Study key AWS concepts such as Regions, Availability Zones, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Simple Storage Service (S3).
  • Dive into AWS compute services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), AWS Lambda, and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS).

Week 2: Diving Deeper into Application Development on AWS

  • Study AWS database services, including Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS).
  • Explore AWS serverless services like AWS API Gateway, AWS Step Functions, and AWS AppSync.
  • Learn about AWS messaging services such as Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS).
  • Get hands-on experience with AWS Elastic Beanstalk and AWS CloudFormation for application deployment and infrastructure management.

Week 3: Security, Monitoring, and Deployment

  • Deepen your understanding of AWS security best practices, including IAM roles, policies, and encryption mechanisms.
  • Learn about AWS monitoring and logging services like Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail.
  • Explore AWS deployment tools like AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeDeploy, and AWS CodeCommit.
  • Understand how to troubleshoot and debug applications running on AWS.

Week 4: Practice Exams and Exam Readiness

  • Take practice exams and review the questions and explanations thoroughly.
  • Identify your weak areas and focus on reinforcing those concepts.
  • Review AWS documentation, whitepapers, and FAQs for a comprehensive understanding of the services.
  • Brush up on exam-specific topics, including AWS architectural best practices and cost optimization strategies.

Tips for Effective Preparation

  • Passing Marks: Passing marks for the AWS licensed Developer associate certification exam vary daily. It could be 60% or 72%, or maybe extra. However, you usually must put together 75% to clear the exam on the first attempt.
  • Hands-on Practice: Use the AWS Free Tier to gain practical experience by deploying applications and configuring services.
  • Exam Blueprints: Study the official AWS DVA exam guide and blueprint to understand the exam objectives and topics.
  • Practice Exams: Take practice exams to gauge your readiness and identify areas that require further study.
  • Whitepapers and Documentation: Read AWS whitepapers and official documentation for an in-depth understanding of concepts and best practices.
  • Join Study Groups and Forums: Interact with fellow exam takers, join study groups, and participate in forums to share knowledge and gain insights from others.

Throughout the month, allocate dedicated study hours each day, staying consistent and focused. Supplement your learning with online tutorials, AWS documentation, video courses, and practice exams. Additionally, consider joining AWS user communities or forums to engage in discussions and gain insights from experienced professionals.

Remember to take breaks, stay motivated, and maintain a healthy balance between studying and resting. Good luck with your AWS DVA exam preparation!


Cracking the AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA) exam in just one month is an ambitious goal, but with focused effort and a structured study plan, it is indeed achievable. Success lies in effective time management, a thorough understanding of the exam domains, and hands-on practice with AWS services. By following a disciplined approach and leveraging available resources, you can confidently tackle the exam and earn your AWS DVA certification.

Drop a query if you have any questions regarding AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA) and we will get back to you quickly.

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1. Can I pass the AWS DVA exam in one month?

ANS: – Yes, with a disciplined study plan, hands-on practice, and dedication, it is possible to pass the exam in one month.

2. Are there any prerequisites for the AWS DVA exam?

ANS: – While there are no formal prerequisites, having basic knowledge of AWS services and some experience in application development will be beneficial.

3. Are practice exams helpful for preparation?

ANS: – Yes, practice exams provide a simulated exam environment and help you assess your readiness while familiarizing yourself with the exam format.

4. How important is hands-on experience?

ANS: – Hands-on experience is crucial for the AWS DVA exam. Practice building applications using AWS services, understand their functionalities, and know how they integrate. Real-world scenarios and practical exercises will enhance your understanding and prepare you for the exam.

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