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Shape Your Career in Cloud Computing with Tested Digital Strategies

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The world today is facing a difficult time following the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact is still there in 2023 on the IT industry, which is witnessing substantial downtime in its different verticals across the entire business. Many employees have the fear of layoffs and other challenges in this difficult time. This blog highlights Cloud Computing technology because, in 2023, there has been a tremendous increase in the deployment of cloud technology. For most firms today, cloud computing essentially serves as a technological platform. This viewpoint will change by 2025 as all businesses move towards a cloud-first strategy. The only method for providing apps will be through cloud technology, which will also act as the main engine for company innovation.
Over the years, cloud computing has developed as one of the recession-resilient and affluent industries during the pandemic and global crisis. According to Gartner’s report, by the end of the year 2025, IT companies will shift 51% of their IT infrastructure to the cloud environment, which may include the infrastructure and application software, business process services, and system infrastructure.

Organization’s Cloud Technology Predictions for their Digital Strategies

The organizations will try to include the following digital strategies in their business plan in the coming years down the line.
1. The fundamental basis for business innovation will be the Cloud:
The organization predicts three core ways to drive business innovation through the cloud
a. Access to revolutionary technology with a consumption-based pricing model
b. Efficient and agile supply chain management with enhancement in customer service capabilities
c. Providing a massive cloud-based ecosystem to the stakeholders of the business
2. Support for Multi-Cloud Architecture-
Organizations will start using multiple clouds in a hybrid way, which will have a wider scope as a distributed cloud environment.

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Key Opportunities in Cloud for IT Professionals

Job roles related to cloud computing are in high demand, and organizations are paying attractive incentives to their skilled cloud workforce. Despite the difficult time in the IT business, IT firms are investing their capital in training their employees on relevant cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google GCP. Also, they are proactively hiring a new workforce who can strengthen them in building their cloud environment. The three broad categories of cloud engineering positions are architecture, development, and support. Within these categories, various job roles and opportunities are provided for those falling under these positions. Here, a short one-liner explanation of each of the job roles is provided for the readers’ reference.

  1. Cloud Architect: A cloud architect puts together a seasoned cloud strategy and controls the adaptation procedure by evaluating the cloud applications for their software and hardware requirements.
  2. Cloud Engineer: Major responsibilities include deploying, managing, and supporting cloud-based infrastructure and services.
  3. Cloud Consultant: Includes the planning and implementation of cloud strategies.
  4. Cloud Security Expert: Ensures the security of the entire cloud deployment.
  5. Data Engineer: Deals with collecting and processing the data generated over the cloud infrastructure to help decision-making.
  6. Cloud DevOps Expert: Involved in the automation of different software development processes. It includes deployment, maintenance, and managing an automated workflow to streamline the process.

What CloudThat has for a passionate learner and innovator

CloudThat and the cloud computing ecosystem of India have a symbiotic relationship. Our journey in the cloud computing space began in 2012 when the concept of the cloud was in its infancy in India. Since then, we have taken strides that have carved a niche for us in this arena.
Our business goal is to provide global services on Cloud Engineering, Cloud Training, and Cloud Expert Line in all major cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to position us as pioneers.
We have the rare distinction of being recognized as a Microsoft Solutions Partner, AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, AWS Training Partner, VMware Authorized Training Reseller, Google Cloud Partner, and AWS Partner- DevOps Services Competency. The Cloud arena rightly endorses us as a ‘Cloud Agnostic’ organization.

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About CloudThat

CloudThat, incepted in 2012, is the first Indian organization to offer Cloud training and consultancy for mid-market and enterprise clients. Our business aims to provide global services on Cloud Engineering, Training, and Expert Line. Our expertise in all major cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), positions us as pioneers.

You can explore our Microsoft Azure Certification Training on our website.

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