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Navigating the Cloud: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started with Cloud Consultancy

Validated cloud expertise is in high demand. Thanks to Google Cloud certifications, Employers know that certified individuals have demonstrated expertise in numerous professional responsibilities within the cloud business. Google Cloud certifications have been acknowledged as some of the highest-paying IT qualifications for the past few years. This year, the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect came in second with an average pay of $169,029, followed by the Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer, who earned an average salary of $171,749.  

You might be asking what kind of education is necessary to benefit from these opportunities: What type of cloud courses online should you enrol in? How exactly do those without prior experience get started with the cloud? Here are some pointers to get you started with Google Cloud and expand your knowledge about cloud computing.  

Become familiar with cloud computing firsthand.

In order to provide you with the opportunity to practise with the actual Google Cloud interface, Google Cloud training offers a variety of learning routes with in-depth courses and hands-on labs. To help you become familiar with topics like Big Query, machine learning, IoT, TensorFlow, and more, there is a comprehensive learning path that includes four courses and 31 hands-on labs for the Professional Data Engineer certification.   

Nine learning tracks give you a starting point for all the key components of cloud computing, including hybrid cloud infrastructure, database administration, and cloud security. Each general learning route offers specialised learning paths to assist you in preparing for employment roles like Machine Learning Engineer. Check out the Google Cloud training page to choose your best route. 

Live training from cloud specialists

Google Cloud regularly holds a half-day live training event called Cloud OnBoard and includes expert-led hands-on learning. After the event, all sessions are also accessible to view on demand. It is advisable to begin with Google Cloud Fundamentals, an introductory course to learn about the fundamentals of Google Cloud if you are a developer new to cloud computing or want to be a cloud consultancy expert. In-depth laboratories where you may practise using the Google Console, Google Cloud Shell, and other tools are led by experts.  

The fundamental elements of Google Cloud will be covered, along with an overview of how its tools affect the entire cloud computing environment. The course material includes information on Compute Engine, how to build virtual machine instances from scratch and using pre-existing templates, how to link them together, and concludes with projects that can safely and securely communicate with one another. Additionally, you will discover the many Google Cloud databases and storage possibilities.  

Cloud architecture, Kubernetes, data analytics, and application development are additional Cloud OnBoard event topics.  

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Examine the infrastructure of Google Cloud.

The internet’s skeleton is made up of cloud infrastructure. Understanding cloud infrastructure is a fantastic place to start if you want to learn more about cloud principles. It will introduce you to the several facets of cloud computing services so you can decide what you enjoy most—networking, security, or application development, for example.  

With on-demand infrastructure training on the cloud infrastructure learning route, you may strengthen your fundamental understanding of Google Cloud. This learning path will provide hands-on experience through expert-led labs exploring Cloud Storage and other essential application services, such as the operations suite and Cloud Functions from Google Cloud.  

Display your abilities

Once you understand the fundamentals of Google Cloud, you may obtain skill badges to prove your proficiency. Digital credentials called skill badges show that you have the cloud expertise necessary to address problems in the real world. So that your professional network is aware of your technological skills, you can post them on your CV or social media profiles. As you move to work with cloud computing, this may be helpful to employers or recruiters. Additionally, skill badges allow you to gain extensive, practical experience with various Google Cloud solutions while working towards the credential.  

Additionally, you can utilise them to begin studying for more rigorous Google Cloud certifications that demonstrate your expertise in the cloud consulting service. Most Google Cloud certifications advise depending on the subject, at least six months or even many years of experience in the field.  

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