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How to Ace the Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification?

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A Cloud Digital Leader understands the capabilities of Google Cloud core products and services, as well as how they help enterprises. The Cloud Digital Leader can also explain common business use cases and how cloud technologies benefit an organization. 

This certification is for anyone who wants to demonstrate their understanding of cloud computing fundamentals and how Google Cloud products and services may be leveraged to fulfil an organization’s goals. 

Why be a Digital Leader with Google Cloud?

A cloud digital leader must comprehend the rationale behind and effective methods for integrating cloud technologies into typical business scenarios. You should start with the fundamentals if you are unfamiliar with cloud providers. 

The first step is to concentrate on the benefits of using cloud solutions to promote business expansion. You can use the following to get this fantastic overview of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP): 

Helping organizations transform their IT infrastructure with top-notch Cloud Computing services

  • Cloud Migration
  • Devops
  • AIML & IoT
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How to prepare for the Certification?

  • Refer to the GCP documentation 

It’s likely that you’ve had negative documentation experiences. You can tell how educational and user-friendly Google’s documentation is if you’ve already experienced the level of detail that goes into them. 

Referring to it as soon as a query arises or when you need information on a service is a helpful habit. 

  • Read the official Cloud Digital Leader study guide 

The Official Google Cloud Digital Leader Study Guide must then be used if you plan to pass your exam. My suggestion is to carefully study every point, then test your understanding of each idea by outlining all you can recall. You may even try to predict the answers to the certification questions. 

  • Examine your knowledge 

The final phase is a knowledge test using sample questions. 

There are actually a very small number of questions and they are easier than the test’s actual questions. But as you’ll see, the exam won’t be simple to pass because the questions demand an in-depth knowledge of the ramifications for business.  

In a corporate setting, when multiple solutions may be viable, you must pay close attention to the specifics and select the most effective alternative

Points to keep in mind

You should be prepared to ace the real exam once you have mastered the sample test questions. The following test-taking tips, which prior test-takers have found helpful, are provided here: 

  • Exam questions are scenario-based, so be aware that you will need to be knowledgeable in several different areas to address a given issue.  
  • The questions are multiple-choice, but some of them are multiple select, asking you to select more than one response to be correct. 
  • If you are unsure of the response, you can flag the question for more analysis. 

GCP certifications at CloudThat

Want to boost your cloud career by learning more about Google Cloud? You may learn Google Cloud solutions and products with the aid of CloudThat GCP certification training as your company undergoes a digital transformation. 

 Our Google Cloud Platform certification, developed by subject matter experts, aids in the development of the skills necessary to deploy highly scalable applications on GCP. This Google Cloud online training includes interactive learning activities and hands-on labs led by certified professionals.  

Discover our GCP courses right now! To get your hands dirty with the GCP services, QuikLAB provides a variety of hands-on exercises, most of which are paid or have credits. But CloudThat provides free access to these labs. Visit (gcp courses link) for more information or get in touch with us 

  • CloudThat provides Google Cloud Platform training with the most sessions offered to students in India and around the world. 
  • For the greatest training results, Google Cloud Platform certification courses include 50–60% hands-on and lab-based sessions. 
  • Delivered by knowledgeable, industry-certified instructors to guarantee exposure to Google Cloud learning with use cases from the real world. 
  • Being a Google Cloud Partner gives us an edge over competitors in delivering Google Cloud certifications training. 

Sample Questions that may come up in the Exam

  1. Your company provides retail establishments with a service in the form of suggestions for additional products that their consumers might be interested in purchasing based on their prior purchasing patterns. 

You now host this service on an on-premises server using machine learning techniques, however, this is an unsatisfactory option. Pay-per-use pricing, managed services, and dependable scaling are what you need. What actions should your company take? 

  1. A) Migrate your services to more powerful computers.
  2. B) Migrate your services to a public cloud.
  3. C) Get more internet bandwidth.
  4. D) Optimize your algorithms.


  1. Your business wants to learn from previous consumer purchases. You want to examine your shopping history while safeguarding personally sensitive data (PII). Which feature or product should you pick?
  2. A) Speech-to-Text API
  3. B) Cloud Natural Language API
  4. C) Cloud Vision API
  5. D) Cloud Data Loss Prevention API

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