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Leveraging AWS Kinesis Video Streams for Real-time Audio and Video Streaming

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1. Introduction to Amazon Kinesis Video Services

As a result of various security threats, nowadays, security cameras are widely used for video real-time visualization purposes. Along with security, there is also patient operation monitoring, employee monitoring, military, journalism, and other purposes. These video processing and live streaming require a significant amount of processing and sending data to the cloud.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has developed a fantastic service known as Amazon Kinesis Video Services that will assist in receiving live streaming video frames from camera modules and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Furthermore, we can back up the video to the cloud and perform video processing using machine learning and computer vision modules.

AWS Kinesis Video Streams

2. AWS Video Services:

  • Kinesis video service with producer and consumer SDKs

  • Kinesis WebRTC service

Let us take a look at each of them.

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3. Kinesis Video Service with Producer and Consumer SDK:

The Kinesis video service producer SDK (Software Development Kit) will be available on edge devices such as camera modules, IoT devices, mobile phones, web browsers, and tablets. This producer SDK gathers video frames and sends them to Amazon’s Kinesis video service. Consumer SDK runs on the application side, which could be a mobile device or a laptop, to receive video frames from the kinesis video stream and display them to the end-user.

Through integration with Amazon Rekognition Video and libraries for ML (Machine Learning) frameworks such as TensorFlow, Apache MxNet, and OpenCV, Kinesis Video Streams allows users to view or playback video-on-demand and quickly build applications that take advantage of computer vision and video analytics.

AWS Kinesis Video Streams

4. Kinesis WebRTC Service:

Kinesis Video Streams also supports WebRTC. With the help of STUN and TURN servers, WebRTC enables real-time, peer-to-peer media exchange between two devices.

A STUN server aids in the establishment of the connection between the two clients, while a TURN server aids in the exchange of real-time data between the clients. We can Create applications with ultra-low latency live streaming and two-way real-time communication using WebRTC.

AWS Kinesis Video Streams

5. Benefits of AWS Kinesis Video Stream:

  • Video from millions of devices can be streamed
  • Create apps that use real-time vision and video
  • Live and recorded video streams can be viewed
  • Create apps that support two-way, real-time media streaming
  • Secure
  • Long-lasting, searchable storage
  • There is no infrastructure to manage

6. Use Cases:

  • Smart city

Several towns have put a vast number of cameras in shopping centers, parking areas, traffic signals, and every other public location, all of which are recording video 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can easily send video to the AWS cloud and store it in S3 at a lower cost using Kinesis video streams, and we can analyze the films to detect and address traffic problems such as traffic rule violations and emergency dispatch, among other things.

  • Smart home

You can effortlessly live stream audio and video from camera-equipped home appliances such as motion sensors, baby monitors, cameras, and home security systems to AWS with Amazon Kinesis Video Streams. The feeds could then be used to create a wide range of smart home applications. WebRTC features can be used for two-way, actual streaming media and interactivity, such as having a conversation at your doorstep or managing your camera-enabled device from your phone.

  • Industrial Automation

Live activities in the industries are captured using high-capacity cameras and, at times, LIDAR, and RADAR. Using AWS Kinesis video streams, we can stream this data into the AWS cloud and store it in storage services, after which we can do machine learning on it using TensorFlow, Amazon Rekognition, MxNet, and OpenCV.

  • Live Video Chat Application

AWS Kinesis video streams can send live video and audio files, allowing us to easily create real-time live video charts in web or mobile applications.

7. Conclusion:

Thus, AWS’s Kinesis Video Streams aid in the creation of smart homes, industrial monitors, smart cities, and live video chat applications by allowing video and audio to be streamed simultaneously. Kinesis has the advantages of being highly fast and having a cheap storage cost.

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1. What are the applications of AWS Kinesis Video Streams?

ANS: – AWS Kinesis video streams are utilized for live video streaming and anomaly detection in smart cities, smart homes, and industrial automation.

2. How much does Amazon Kinesis Video Stream cost?

ANS: – Kinesis Video Stream uses a simple Pay-as-you-go model. The pricing is based on the overall data volume ingested, the volume of data consumed, and data that is stored across all video streams in the user’s account.

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