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How has AWS Brought Advancement in The Vehicle Industry


AWS has released a series of updates and developments that pertain to the automotive sector in the AWS re: Invent 2022, which took place in Las Vegas from 28th Nov to 2nd Dec 2022. The advancements in the systems required for fully self-driving vehicles and to train these systems, enormous amounts of data measured in petabytes and thousands of compute units are mandatory. 

Customers worldwide anticipate and insist on advancement in the vehicle, long-term mobility in the years to come and across the globe, edutainment, geospatial, and so on. A variety of technological challenges that the automotive and manufacturing industry is undergoing are transformation driven, including sustainability, electrification, connected vehicles, etc. 

So, the above challenges are addressed by leveraging AWS’s expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, internet of things (IoT), and data analytics; businesses can develop innovative solutions that create value across their organization, such as optimizing manufacturing operations and supply chain, enabling software-defined vehicles and products, and developing highly automated and self-driving systems. Systems are constructed using complex neural networks, in which the two main approaches are training in modules and training from start to finish. 

Some of the Automobile Leader’s journey of advancement with AWS are discussed. 


Toyota is a global leader in the automotive industry, with an annual production of approximately 10 million vehicles, making it one of the largest manufacturers worldwide. 

AWS makes it possible for Toyota to trace the complete history of each vehicle, from its production in factories to its distribution across dealerships globally. The latest data repository utilizes Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), AWS Glue, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Athena to gather, process, and organize unstructured and raw data, which includes data from sensors and manufacturing plants. This enables the data to be interpreted and simplifies the analysis process. 

AWS, with the partnership of Infosys, empowers customers to surpass competitors and maintain a leading edge in innovation. 

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Scania has been a transportation firm manufacturing engines, buses, and trucks for over a century. In 2011, Scania began offering trucks with software and supplementary services that aid customers in collecting data and communicating with their fleets. 

With the support of AWS services, Scania could communicate with over 500,000 trucks in their fleet through data exchange and reduce their latency by 80 percent. 

Amazon Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Transit Gateway, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon EC2 C5 Instances are the major services used by Scania. 


Honda is a company that specializes in mobility products and is recognized as the world’s largest manufacturer of power units due to the variety of products it offers. Since its establishment, Honda has been dedicated to enhancing mobility and improving people’s daily lives. 

In 2020, CloudFront underwent several enhancements, such as expanding the number of points of presence, faster cache invalidation, and reducing propagation time to provide a better user experience, attracting Honda to utilize AWS CDN and so migrated to AWS. Other services used by Honda for their workflow included Amazon Route 53 and Lambda@Edge due to the lack of maintenance required for infrastructures deployed in AWS, resulting in increased flexibility in relocating human resources to meet the organization’s demands and agility. 


SKODA is a part of the Volkswagen Group, their vehicles are distributed across more than 100 countries, and the high global demand for their automobiles allows for minimal production interruptions. Skoda created “MAGIC EYE “in 2020 with AWS IoT to meet its production demands and avoid unnecessary revenue loss. 

MAGIC EYE technology for computer vision is utilized to gather, track, and assess equipment data to detect weaknesses and anticipate potential failures before they occur. The purpose of their department is to locate these vulnerable areas and devise solutions to prevent or minimize the possibility of equipment failure. Given its strategic location along the primary production line, MAGIC EYE is a crucial component of its strategy. 

The AWS services are Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, and Amazon Quick Sight. Reduction of assembly line downtime with Improved employee efficiency and output, enabling a proactive method for maintaining the production line through predictive measures with production cost optimization, makes Skoda a happy customer of Amazon.


Scuderia Ferrari is the racing division and team of the prestigious Italian luxury car manufacturer. Over the years, Scuderia Ferrari has gained recognition for its consistent involvement in motorsports, particularly in Formula 1, where it is the oldest and most accomplished racing team. 

Scuderia Ferrari collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a virtual ground speed sensor utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology through Amazon SageMaker (SageMaker). This technology was designed to function off-car. Analytics on AWS and Amazon SageMaker are the services used by Ferrari. Their team plans to release the Scuderia Ferrari app in the upcoming year, which will be powered by AWS and incorporate AWS analytics to provide an optimal user experience for its widespread fanbase across the globe. 


Volkswagen Group is a prominent global automobile manufacturer and is considered one of the leaders in the industry. Volkswagen Group utilizes AWS to automate the sign inspection workflow, enhances the speed of 3D data preparation and remote rendering for VR applications, and incorporates NICE DCV to achieve high-performance 3D remote visualization. 

The AWS services utilized for their advancement and commencement are NICE DVC, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, Amazon ECS, AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Greengrass, Amazon Textract, and Amazon Arora. 

There are numerous reputed organizations like DALLARA, COX AUTOMOTIVE, Olx, MOBILEEYE, NISSAN, CARRO, etc., that continuously benefit from the advancement in the Services of AWS in the field of IoT, Security, Computation, ML, and Cost Optimization and Innovation. 

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