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Impacts of Cloud Computing’s Demand – Reflections on Employment and Attitude

Comptia’s 3rd “Annual Trend in Cloud Computing” Study has revealed many interesting and promising statistics for the Cloud Computing Sector, including a great impact for Cloud Computing training providers. According to the study 83% of companies today are using some form of Cloud solution. This therefore reflects a positive trend in demand for knowledge regarding Cloud Computing Services and the need for Cloud Trained Professionals.

Employment and Training
There is a fear of jobs being lost due to cloud adoption in the IT industry, but data from and indicate that more jobs are being created. It is more a matter of upgrading than displacement. IT businesses and service providers and Companies with dedicated IT departments need to keep this in mind while making the decision to move to the cloud. They have the choice to retain their present employees by giving them the opportunity to get Trained and Certified in leading Cloud Technologies or move on to hire new personnel who are already trained and certified in using the Cloud. This is a decision that must be made after considering resource utilization and the need at hand. A business has to decide whether they need people who are used to both systems so that they can transfer and deploy existing services on the cloud or whether they need reinvention.

The situation also demands a more proactive reaction from those currently employed in the IT industry so that when their organizations move to the cloud they are more in sync rather than opposing the decision because they lack knowledge.


Acknowledgement of Benefits
Businesses have also started to acknowledge and realize the benefits of the cloud even more now. 85% of respondents in Comptia’s 3rd “Annual Trend in Cloud Computing” Study feel “more positive” or “significantly more positive” about cloud computing than they did last year. This is leading them to research and find out ways to get more out of the phenomenon. Therefore cloud consultants and enablers are in more demand for their services that assist companies to move and deploy successfully on the cloud. Competition therefore can only be expected to increase with increase in demand. Among the many benefits offered Adding Capacity – On Demand is certainly its strongest attraction. The benefits of cloud need to be demonstrated rather than stated. Cloud Service providers and consultants can use this as an opportunity to scale up their services to provide complete solutions.


To sum it all up, the Cloud computing movement is flourishing and brings with it opportunities not only for Cloud service providers but also for IT and non IT Industry members who can use this to scale up everything from operations to customer service and employee satisfaction. For Individuals in the IT sector this is a critical time to learn as Cloud Computing like all things new is continuously evolving and changes have to be kept track of if competency across stages has to be maintained.




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