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A Definitive Guide to Microsoft Exam AI-102

True, Technology has been an integral part of various sectors like healthcare, automotive, education, finance, retail, and manufacturing for many years but in recent days Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought technology to the center of operations in these sectors. 

According to Semrush, the global AI market is expected to reach $190.61 billion in 2025 but at the same time, 93% of AI technocrats worldwide feel we are underprepared with skills to face this machine intelligence challenge. Moreover, organizations worldwide have embraced cloud computing and the demand for creating AI solutions in cloud environments has gained momentum. Acquiring Azure AI certifications by taking up exam AI-102 is the right move to build a career as an AI solution provider in the cloud space. This blog post is a definitive guide to all the aspirants of Exam: AI-102 certification.   

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. An Overview of Azure AI certification

3. Are Azure certifications worth it?

4. How do I prepare for Azure Certification AI 102?

5. Can I Get a job with Azure Certification?

6. Azure AI Engineer Salary Career Path 

7. How CloudThat’s Training Help You to Get AI-102 Certified?


As all-sized organizations are embracing cloud computing and migrating their data and resources to the cloud. Developing AI skills relevant to cloud computing are proving beneficial. In this context, Microsoft Azure Certification AI-102 definitely helps professionals passionate about having a career in the Cloud space through AI skill sets.

An Overview of Azure AI certification

Two popular Microsoft Azure certifications on AI are

The Microsoft AI-900 exam certification allows you to demonstrate your understanding of popular machine learning and artificial intelligence workloads, as well as how to deploy them on Azure. Candidates with both technical and non-technical backgrounds can take up this certification.

Aspirants of AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution should possess: 

Are Azure certifications worth it?

Microsoft Azure is fast expanding, with a year-over-year increase of 150%. Cloud infrastructure is expected to grow even more in the next years, reaching $ 300 billion in sales by 2021. Importantly, Microsoft had kept up with the times and had become a popular choice for companies and organizations.  

How do I prepare for Azure AI 102 Certification?

Here is a compiled list of tips you can follow as part of the Azure AI-102 certification training strategy:

Can I Get a job with Azure Certification?

Professional certification is not easy to obtain. Taking the time to enroll in a course, study for an exam, and become certified requires a different degree of commitment than self-learning from numerous internet sources. Here are the advantages of earning Azure AI-102certification: 

Azure AI Engineer Salary & Career Path

Azure AI engineers have challenging opportunities to play with different technical teams of an organization. Here are some of their roles and responsibilities and pay packages: 

How CloudThat’s Training Help You to Get AI-102 Certified?

CloudThat being the Microsoft Gold Partner and pioneer in cloud training in India since 2012 is the right ally for nurturing your cloud skills. Here is the path CloudThat will take you through to earn Microsoft AI-102 certification.

In addition as aspirants you can:  

Wish you Happy Learning and a great career ahead!




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