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Study Guide to crack the PL-200 Certification Exam Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate

  1. Introduction:

    If you have taken the MB-200 exam earlier, then the PL-200 certification exam for Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate might look be familiar to you as the concepts are similar. Over a period, Microsoft Power Platform is likely to become the sole platform to configure most of the widely used Dynamics products. The PL-200 certification exam is focused more on the Power Platform components along with the building blocks of Dynamics i.e., Dataverse.


    1. Introduction
    2. What to expect from this article?
    3. Prerequisites
    4. Key Benefits of PL-200 Certification
    5. Exam Pattern
    6. Percentage of Questions for all the Modules
    7. Study Materials and References
    8. Tips and Tricks
    9. Get Certified Now

  2. What to expect from this article?

    A comprehensive list of material is available throughout this article, starting from the core concepts of Microsoft Power Platform, prerequisites for candidates, the exam pattern along with the module wise percentage of questions, and reference material. You will be seeing a lot of tips, and tricks to crack the exam. Moreover, self-learning portal links are available in the later sections to support your learning growth.

  3. Prerequisites:

    There are no mandatory prerequisite certifications to be completed before taking this exam. However, for the PL-200 certification exam, it is highly recommended to gain knowledge of Microsoft Power Platform Fundamental concepts which is part of the PL-900 exam curriculum. Concepts of Dynamics 365 customer engagement apps are also recommended for candidates.

  4. Key Benefits of PL-200 certification:

    • Get recognized as a Microsoft Power Platform Solutions Consultant
    • Acquire knowledge about Power Platform components and stay ahead of the technology curve by identifying the business areas where these components fit in
    • Master the art of designing a technical solution using Power Platform components and Dataverse, earlier known as Common Data Service
    • Learn to manage the permissions and administer Dataverse environments.
    • Power Platform is an emerging technology and with the Associate level certification, you can stay ahead in the job market.
    • Stand a chance to work for global leaders like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, etc in developing next-gen solutions for their clients.
    • PL-200 certification is recently launched by Microsoft and you can be one of the few first certified candidates to be part of a proud member of the Power Platform community
  5. Exam Pattern:

    The table below summarizes all the exam related information:

  6. Percentage of Questions from all modules:

    • Configure the Common Data Service (25-30%)

    From this module, you can expect questions based on managing existing data models, create and manage processes, configuring Dataverse and security settings like business units, security roles, hierarchy security, etc.

    • Create Apps by using Power Apps (20-25%)

    This topic deal with topics such as creating model-driven apps like dashboards, charts, views, forms, creating Canvas Apps, Portal Apps, configuring portal security including web roles and page access.

    • Create and Manage Power Automate (15-20%)

    From this module, questions based on creating and managing business process flows, and UI flows will be asked during the exam.

    • Implement Power Virtual Agents chatbots (10-15%)

    Creation of chatbots, configuring topics, configuring entities are the topics from which you can expect questions. Fewer questions will be asked from this module.

    • Integrate Power Apps with other apps and services (15-20%)

    From this module, you can expect questions based on the integration of Power BI with Power Apps, AI Builder, integrate Power Apps with Microsoft 365.

  7. Study Materials and References:

    There are various ways to prepare for this certification:

  8. Tips and Tricks:

    • Explore all the aspects of Dataverse thoroughly, specifically security features, permissions, etc.
    • Acquire a thorough understanding of PowerApps – the types, the components involved in making an app in PowerApps Studio such as variables, collections, functions, custom controls, navigations, etc.
    • Explore Model-driven apps, when to use one, and how to make one.
    • Practice flows by exploring and building various types of flows using Power Automate.
    • Common use cases of AI Builder – you must be able to recognize which in-built models can you use to address a situation.
    • Try out all the exercises if you are referring to MS Learning Path
    • Do not skip the Power Virtual Agents module – You are surely going to see 4-5 questions on the same which can be easily answered if you do not skip this module.
    • Make sure to take up CloudThat TestPrep for revision
  9. Get Certified Now:

    It is always great to get the right source of learning to Move Up. At CloudThat we have a course aimed at preparing participants/candidates for Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant. You can register for instructor-led training by visiting the Microsoft website.

    If you have just begun your Power Platform journey and want to take an extended step towards working with data, enhancing user experience, adding value to your business and customers, then the Study Guide for Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals PL-900 Certification Exam will be one of the best courses to get started.

    Join the Power Platform revolution along with 100+ fortune 500 companies and CloudThat will be there to support your career growth.

WRITTEN BY Anusha Shanbhag

Anusha Shanbhag is an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Technical Content Writer specializing in technical content strategizing with over 10+ years of professional experience in technical content writing, process documentation, tech blog writing, and end-to-end case studies publishing, catering to consulting and marketing requirements for B2B and B2C audiences. She is a public speaker and ex-president of the corporate Toastmaster club.



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